Cycling long distances can prevent Alzheimer's disease!

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Cycling long distances can prevent Alzheimer's disease!

source:Lvbu Tech 05-06

Research shows that middle-aged people who exercise twice a week are about 60% less likely to develop dementia in old age compared to those who do not exercise, which proves that middle-aged people who exercise regularly are helpful in preventing dementia. Walking and cycling are particularly effective.
Cycling is not only free, convenient and enjoyable, but also promotes leg health and longevity. Long-distance cycling can treat many diseases. Although this may sound exaggerated at first, middle-aged and intellectual workers who often cycle long distances can benefit from the prevention and treatment of the following diseases.

Hip and leg arthritis: Cycling involves movement of 3 joint pairs and 26 muscles in the lower body. It can not only prevent and treat hip arthritis, increase the strength of the back muscles and ligaments, improve the flexibility of the lumbar spine, and prevent back pain, but also enhance the agility and beauty of both legs, significantly delaying the aging process of “legs deteriorating before people”.

Intellectual decline, dementia: During cycling, one needs to look ahead, pay attention to the left and right, avoid pedestrians and vehicles, and sometimes pass through winding paths, rough roads, or uphill and downhill sections. Thus, cycling can improve the brain's judgment and reaction ability. Moreover, the pedaling of the left and right feet stimulates the related left and right brain nerves, which can promote the balance of brain function, enhance intelligence, and prevent dementia.

Heart disease, hypertension, obesity: Regular long-distance cycling inevitably involves uphill or headwind travel, which is very beneficial for enhancing myocardial contractility, expanding lung capacity, and improving the cardiorespiratory function and the vasodilation and contraction functions of blood vessels.

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