Guide for Rider Beginners: Some Methods for Giving New Life to an Old Bike

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Guide for Rider Beginners: Some Methods for Giving New Life to an Old Bike

source:Lvbu Tech 05-10

Through years of riding, your bike becomes a part of your body. Every scratch and scrape carries unique memories. However, over time, your bike may start to age and you may begin to crave a shiny new one. But buying a new bike isn't always the only answer; there are some convenient ways to give your beloved bike new life.

Replace the tires
Rubber tires wear and harden over time. New tires and brake pads can completely transform a bike. When was the last time you replaced your bike's tires? If you have a road bike, have the centers started to flatten and show fine cracks? If you have a mountain bike, are the teeth on the tires still intact? Besides obvious wear and tear, the rubber in tires also hardens over time. Nothing brings a bike back to life like a new set of tires. For road bike users, does the frame and fork provide enough space to install thicker tires? Why not experience smoother and more controllable rides with wider tires?

Replace the contact points between rider and bike
People often say that replacing a new handlebar or grip can immediately make a bike youthful again. This is certainly true, but don't ignore other contact points. Take the bike saddle for example. Over time, the padding and skin on the saddle will lose the firmness, shape, and support they once provided. If the middle of your saddle has sagged or there are clear creases in the padding, then it's probably time to get a new one. The situation with pedals is similar. Although most pedals have become more durable in recent years, some old cleats may have worn out and cause your feet to wobble in an improper way. Then there are the cleats. When was the last time you replaced them? Have you forgotten what the wear indicator looks like? If you need to replace the cleats, a convenient way is to use a marker pen to draw a circle around your old cleats. This will help you accurately install the new cleats in the same position as the old ones.

Replace the cable and housing
Does your bike have stiff brakes or unstable shifting? If so, it's often a problem with the cable and housing. Replacing the cable and housing will make everything work properly and feel comfortable and light again. Worn, dirty, or rusty cable and housing are like clogged arteries. Replacing them for the whole bike is not expensive.

Replace the worn chain
The speed of chain wear is astonishing, so replacing it regularly will help keep the other parts of your drivetrain working well. After replacing the chain, you can overhaul and upgrade the entire drivetrain system.

Replace the worn bearings
Bicycle hubs, bottom brackets, headset cups, and mountain bike suspension pivots all hide their bearings. Many modern bikes use sealed bearings. When these bearings feel rough or have problems, the best solution is to replace them.

Maintenance of shock absorbers
The oil in the suspension system will degrade over time and use, greatly affecting the product's performance. In addition, ignoring these parts may cause wear and tear. Compared to many other components on the bike, this requires a lot of money to repair.

Add a ebike retrofit kit
The Lvbu KF bottle battery series electric bike conversion kit. This is a power assist bike kit that can transform ordinary bike into electric bicycle in just 3 minutes. It includes a retrofit bicycle electric motor wheel, a controller in the form of a bottle battery holder, and a bottle battery. The overall appearance is stylish and lightweight, with streamlined wiring. After the retrofit, the appearance of the bike is basically the same as before, but it has three driving systems: manual, automatic, and pedaling. The controller at the bottom of the water bottle holder contains an ARM Cortex-M3 main chip, a 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip, and a low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chip. Riders can connect their phones to the wheel through Bluetooth 5.0 to enter the Lvbu Micro Power APP and set riding parameters such as bike weight, load, gyroscope angle, and speed limit. The APP homepage displays riding parameters such as mileage, speed, power, etc. It also allows adjustment of five power-assisted modes: commuting, leisure, manual, exercise, and climbing.

The above are all methods that can bring your bike back to life. You can perform them every once in a while and feel the changes in your beloved bike in real-time. These will give you a better riding experience.