Life lies in movement, and movement lies in cycling!

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Life lies in movement, and movement lies in cycling!

source:Lvbu Tech 05-09

As the economy rapidly develops and various pressures come one after another, most people are in a sub-health state, often relying on medication or food supplements to maintain their health. If neither can make up for it, long-term sub-health status will lead to the gradual decline of physical skills. As the saying goes, "life lies in movement." To maintain the health of life, exercise is necessary to activate various functions.

Bicycles were originally introduced as a means of transportation. The earliest bicycles appeared in France without a transmission system, and people rode them by sliding forward with their feet on the ground, known as the hobbyhorse. Later, a Scotsman named Pierre invented a bicycle with a front wheel powered by foot pedals. In the late 19th century, the first bicycle with modern significance appeared and spread throughout the world.

After more than 100 years of development, the meaning of bicycles is no longer just transportation. More and more people consider cycling as a form of exercise. Some people also carry backpacks, hop on a bike, and travel far, see the scenery, and conquer heights that previous generations never thought possible. Cycling provides a new perspective for travelers, allowing people to maximize their own strength. Bicycle travel as a new way of travel has been accepted by more and more people.

Cycling requires a large amount of oxygen, which not only strengthens the heart function but also prevents hypertension. Sometimes it is more effective than drug treatment. When riding a bicycle, the blood vessels compress and accelerate blood circulation, allowing the brain to absorb more oxygen and making people feel clearer.

With the development of bicycles, people have also begun to explore how to apply them in more fields. Currently, a new type of product - electric bike kits with battery - is becoming the choice of more and more cycling enthusiasts and commuters. Lvbu Technology is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of e bicycle conversion kit, constantly launching electric bike conversion kits with battery that are more suitable for riders.

The electric bike conversion kit can be easily installed in three minutes, including batteries, controllers, and other accessories, converting bicycle to electric bicycle. The e bike kits is easy to use and can not only be used for regular commuting but also for more challenging mountain and off-road sports.

Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are more relaxed and free in movement. Problems such as uphill and headwinds have been effectively solved, greatly reducing the physical and mental pressure faced by people during exercise. At the same time, electric bicycles are also friendly to joints such as arms and knees, greatly reducing the probability of injury.

The Lvbu KF series includes a electric bike wheel motor, a bottle battery, and a controller in the form of a water bottle holder. The bike wheel motor is shipped with spokes, rims, and inner and outer tires, eliminating the need for self-assembly. Replace the front wheel with a bike wheel motor, install the bottle bracket controller, insert the bottle battery, lock the key, and it is stable. The design of the bottle-style electric battery is popular among riders because of its stylish and fashionable appearance. This bottle battery comes in three colors: red, black, and blue. The surface adopts fine spray powder technology, which is not easy to scratch. The water bottle design has 10 circular power indicator lights, with one representing 10% of the power, making it more convenient to check the power. In addition, there is a power switch and dual charging ports at the mouth of the bottle. The power switch controls the supply of power and can extend the storage time of the battery to better protect the battery. The dual charging port design means that the battery can also be used as an emergency charging treasure to charge the phone. Although the battery is small, it uses 18650 electric bike conversion kit lithium batteries, with a range of up to 90km and a maximum assisted speed of 32km/h.

Electric push bike conversion kits provide a wider range of applications, allowing more people to enjoy the fun of cycling. Overall, whether it is a traditional bicycle or an electric bicycle, they can provide people with the opportunity to exercise their bodies and enjoy a healthy life. Let's cycle together!