The Importance of Recovery in Training: Tips to Maximize Your Performance

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The Importance of Recovery in Training: Tips to Maximize Your Performance

source:Lvbu Tech   Creation time:2023-07-12

The relationship between training and recovery is like a pair of action and reaction forces. Many professional athletes understand this and focus on recovery, as without proper rest, how can you have the energy to train? As the saying goes, "what goes around comes around." I hope this article can help you before your immune system is weakened due to excessive physical exertion. On one hand, improving your recovery ability maximizes the benefits of your training. On the other hand, faster recovery allows you to enter your next training session in optimal condition and maybe even update your Strava record.

Golden Rule 1: "Sleep"

You may remember that during the Tour de France, the Sky team rented a luxury motorhome to ensure their captain, Chris Froome, could recover better. Therefore, sleep is the most crucial but often overlooked aspect of recovery. Many processes occur during sleep that allow our bodies to repair themselves, including hormone secretion to promote muscle growth and reorganization. There is no specific research data indicating how much sleep is enough. What you need to do is listen to your body, turn off the alarm clock, and sleep until you naturally wake up, which may require 7 to 9 hours. This may be difficult for workaholics and may induce feelings of guilt. Take a look at top athletes like Roger Federer. His recovery secret is sleeping for 12 hours a night, truly the evergreen tree in the tennis world. The image below shows him winning his 1,000th match earlier this year.

Golden Rule 2: "Nutrition"

Many professional cyclists consider food an integral part of their career and have even reached the level of gourmet appreciation. Key aspects during training are timing of nutritional supplementation, the right diet, and hydration. In addition to maintaining necessary energy supply and fluid balance during cycling sessions, it's important to perform "refueling" within 30 to 45 minutes after training. In terms of diet, besides ensuring balanced nutrition, it is advisable to eat natural, minimally processed foods as much as possible. Throughout the day, remember to replenish low-sugar electrolyte drinks to maintain fluid balance.

Golden Rule 3: "Relaxation"

Professional cyclists have support vehicles during races and can comfortably rest in them afterward, enjoying coffee and snacks while relaxing. They also receive professional massages to relieve muscle stress and aid recovery, some even have acupuncturists. Similarly, after training, it's necessary to reduce stress. Long periods of high-intensity training can put immense pressure on your muscles, which can be relieved through massage and acupressure. The same goes for mental stress, as daily life can also be a significant source of pressure. Many foreign athletes use reading as a way to relax, while others take a short nap or play the piano. It depends on individual talents. But please give your computer a break; your mind needs relaxation, not further excitement.

Golden Rule 4: "Activation"

Numerous studies have shown that low-intensity, light activation recovery after high-intensity training is more effective than passive recovery. That's why professional cyclists engage in "acid-clearing" rides after races. On recovery days, you can engage in low-intensity, easy-gear cycling to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate rapid muscle reorganization. Additionally, you can take advantage of short recovery periods to meet up with friends for afternoon tea, have a coffee, and chat. Give yourself a little reward, enjoy a slow heart rate, and a relaxed mood.

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