Lvbu Universal Ebike Conversion Kit: Unlock Faster and More Comfortable Long-Distance Travel

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Lvbu Universal Ebike Conversion Kit: Unlock Faster and More Comfortable Long-Distance Travel

source:Lvbu Tech 07-11

Cycling is both an outlet and an entrance. It allows you to see the world and glimpse into your inner self. Walking is too slow, driving is too fast, but cycling is just right. If you have a dream of exploring the world but lack the courage and energy to do so, why not bring the Lvbu ebike conversion kit with you? It will give you the power to unlock faster and more comfortable long-distance travel.

Lvbu ebike conversion kit is an electric power-assist conversion product developed, produced, and sold by Lvbu Technology. It can be easily installed on a regular bicycle within 1-10 minutes, converting a bike to an ebike. The product line includes the KX Integrated Wheel SeriesKF Bottle Battery SeriesKD Bag Battery SeriesKN Upgraded Bottle Series, and BZ Rear Rack Battery Series. Each series has different battery appearances and capacities, with assistive range options from 30km to 180km. All products integrate the battery, motor, and controller into a e bike kit, requiring only the replacement of the wheel and installation of the battery and controller. The kit also comes with the self-developed Lvbu Micro Power APP, which makes it convenient to view and adjust riding data and assistive modes. With easy installation and intelligent power-assist, it provides a complete conversion solution for cycling enthusiasts.

Speaking of long-distance cycling, we must mention the BZ Rear Rack Battery Series in the Lvbu universal electric bike conversion kit product line. This series is specifically designed for long-distance cycling with its large battery capacity. The kit includes a electric bike wheel, battery, and controller—three compact components. After conversion, the bike maintains a nearly identical appearance to a regular bicycle, remaining lightweight, agile, and providing a riding experience that is almost indistinguishable from a non-electric bicycle. However, it offers three riding modes: pure human power, pure electric power, and power-assisted. It is equipped with an 18AH automotive-grade lithium battery composed of 18650 cells, with a single cell capacity of 3000mAh, providing an assisted range of up to 180km. The battery box also features intelligent induction turn signals and battery level indicators, ensuring safe night riding.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 250W/350W high-speed brushless permanent magnet bike kit motor, providing sufficient power and effortless climbing on various terrains. In terms of smart features, the kit is equipped with the Lvbu Micro Power APP, allowing you to connect to the Wheel via Bluetooth on your phone and monitor riding data and adjust assistive modes.

Cycling long distances can be tiring but rewarding. Pedaling inch by inch, meter by meter, moving forward. Though it may be exhausting, it brings satisfaction. However, we all hope to enjoy the journey without being hindered by physical fatigue or missing out on beautiful scenery. Why not try the Lvbu BZ Rear Rack universal ebike conversion kit with its long battery life?