Top 10 Super Recovery Foods for Long-Distance Sports & Lvbu Top 10 Ebike Conversion Kits: Extend Your Cycling Distance and Reduce Travel Time

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Top 10 Super Recovery Foods for Long-Distance Sports & Lvbu Top 10 Ebike Conversion Kits: Extend Your Cycling Distance and Reduce Travel Time

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For long-distance sports, in addition to comparing training time and intensity, another important factor is to compare the speed of recovery. Athletes with faster recovery abilities can quickly recover from fatigue and actively engage in the next training session. However, besides innate physical fitness and training, food sources are also important factors that affect recovery abilities.

Before introducing high-quality recovery foods, we must first understand "free radicals". During prolonged training, the body utilizes a large amount of oxygen for oxidation-reduction, and the by-products of oxidation are free radicals. Free radicals can attack cell membranes and mitochondria, ultimately leading to muscle damage and soreness, also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

The following foods have powerful antioxidant capabilities, promote muscle repair and metabolism, and are considered super recovery foods:

▼ Blueberries:
Blueberries contain a large amount of anthocyanins and flavonoids, which can neutralize the free radicals produced in the body during intense training, reduce DOMS, and accelerate the elimination of muscle soreness. Other berries such as cranberries, strawberries, and blackberries also have similar effects.

▼ Cherries:
Cherries have similar effects to berries as they are rich in antioxidants and have significant effects in eliminating muscle soreness. Additionally, cherries have a relatively high iron content among fruits, which is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin and myoglobin in the body. Thus, cherries can help regenerate hemoglobin and accelerate metabolism.

▼ Bananas:
Bananas are a great companion for athletes and are suitable for consumption before, during, and after training. They are rich in carbohydrates, which serve as an energy source during long-distance training. Bananas are easily digested and are a good choice for replenishing energy after training. Bananas also contain a high amount of potassium, which helps maintain the balance of intracellular and extracellular fluids. For athletes who lose a significant amount of sweat during training, maintaining electrolyte balance is crucial. Moreover, bananas have antidepressant and stress-reducing effects, making them suitable for activities requiring mental exertion.

▼ Salmon:
Salmon contains high-quality protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and other important nutrients. Protein helps repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissues. Omega-3 has significant effects in reducing cardiovascular diseases and protecting the cardiovascular system. Vitamin B complex helps alleviate post-training fatigue.

▼ Beef:
Beef also contains high-quality protein, as well as iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B complex, all of which are effective in repairing muscles and promoting blood circulation. Beef has a higher content of creatine compared to other meats. Creatine improves the body's efficiency in utilizing pyruvate, which is the ability to convert liver glycogen into glucose and use it as energy. After intense training, consuming beef can quickly replenish energy and accelerate muscle recovery.

▼ Tomatoes:
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, which have strong antioxidant effects. They are excellent for cellular repair and combating free radicals. Tomatoes can be consumed raw or cooked. When eaten raw, more vitamins can be obtained. However, when tomatoes are cooked with oil, they have "lipophilic" properties, and lycopene is easily absorbed by fat molecules. Therefore, cooking tomatoes can actually enhance absorption efficiency.

▼ Curry:
Curry contains turmeric, which is rich in curcumin. Curcumin has significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It can effectively inhibit muscle inflammation reactions that may occur after intense training. Researchers have studied downhill running, which causes significant damage to muscle fibers and severe DOMS. The study found that runners who supplemented with curcumin had better inhibition of inflammation and muscle damage compared to those who did not.

▼ Nuts:
Nuts include tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc.) and seeds (pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.). They contain beneficial fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E, which are helpful for antioxidant effects and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, for vegetarians, it is not easy to obtain an adequate amount of protein, but nuts can provide the necessary protein. Among them, almonds have the highest protein content. Every 10 grams of almonds contains 2 grams of protein, making them a great protein source for vegetarians.

▼ Chocolate Milk:
A recovery beverage should follow the principle of a carbohydrate-to-protein ratio of 4:1. Most chocolate milk available on the market meets this ratio. It can quickly replenish glycogen consumed during training and accelerate muscle repair. Moreover, chocolate milk is convenient to obtain and has a good taste, making it a quick and effective energy replenishment beverage during outdoor training.

▼ Green Tea:
Green tea contains polyphenol antioxidants and catechins, which have antioxidant effects, help repair cells and muscle damage after training. Additionally, green tea has additional benefits such as improving liver function and promoting fat burning.

There is now a gadget designed specifically for long-distance cycling that can help you conserve energy, extend your cycling distance, and reduce your travel time - Lvbu top 10 ebike conversion kits. These electric bicycle retrofit kits can transform bike into ebike, providing riders with additional assistance and power.

Electric bike conversion kit typically include an electric drive system consisting of a motor, battery pack, controller, and sensors. Installing these electric bicycle conversion kits is straightforward and simply involves connecting them to the existing components of your bicycle. Once installed, riders can choose different assistance modes according to their needs, such as full electric mode, pedal-assist mode, or pure human-powered mode.

The utility of these electric assist kits for bicycles lies in their ability to provide extra assistance during long-distance cycling, helping riders tackle hilly terrains and slopes with ease. Whether it's climbing uphill, facing headwinds, or experiencing increased fatigue during the ride, riders can extend their cycling distance and reduce travel time by activating the electric assistance. This also means riders don't have to worry excessively about exhausting themselves too quickly and getting fatigued prematurely.

The best e bike conversion kits are not only useful for long-distance cycling but also offer convenience for daily commuting. For example, when you need to get to work or go shopping quickly, you can use the electric assistance mode to increase your speed, reduce fatigue, and preserve energy. Additionally, these electric bicycle conversion kits are beneficial for individuals who want to enjoy the pleasure of cycling but may have physical limitations or age-related restrictions on their cycling abilities.

The Lvbu KD series front wheel electric conversion kit is a great choice. It is a 250w conversion kit that can be installed on a bicycle within 3 minutes, transforming it into an electric-assist bike. The KD series retains the structure of the split wheel series and includes the motor wheel, battery, and controller. The difference is that the battery module in the KD series is designed in the shape of a bag, with a buckle that suspends it below the bicycle seat, while the controller is a small black box with a sliding track design, installed at the bottom of the frame. The ebike wheel follows the previous hub motor design, including the rim, inner and outer tires, and pre-spoked spokes. The entire set of accessories, including the rim and tire, weighs about 9kg-10kg. The 250W motor can provide a maximum speed of 35km/h, and there are also higher wattage motors available. With a fully charged battery, under normal road conditions, the assist range can reach 90km-120km.

The Lvbu controller integrates smart technology, with an embedded ARM Cortex-M3 main chip and a 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip. Based on the user's settings in the app for weight, load, gyroscope angle, as well as the acceleration received by the sensor during cycling and the rhythm of the ride, the controller provides smooth assistance through data analysis and output. The data is also sent to the app via Bluetooth, where it is visualized for the user. With this electric assist conversion kit, the modified bicycle not only has a hybrid power system, allowing for seamless transitions between a regular bicycle, an electric-assist bike, and an electric vehicle, but also offers a wide range of assistance levels from 0 to 99, allowing for precise adjustment. Additionally, the kit includes features such as firmware upgrades, fault detection, and lost item reporting, as Lvbu strives to continuously improve and provide users with a better riding experience.

Overall, these high-quality recovery foods and electric bike conversion kits contribute to the improved performance and experience of long-distance sports enthusiasts.