Accelerating Basic Training for Cycling Enthusiasts: Cycling with Lvbu KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Accelerating Basic Training for Cycling Enthusiasts: Cycling with Lvbu KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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For cycling enthusiasts who enjoy riding bicycles, endurance training is an important aspect of improving physical fitness. Today, I would like to share some key points on how to accelerate basic training.

Firstly, the frequency of endurance cycling is crucial. According to research, engaging in a long-distance endurance ride once a week can effectively increase ion concentration and medium-chain fatty acid concentration in the blood. Therefore, we can set the frequency of endurance cycling to once every 7-10 days.

Secondly, we need to pay attention to the duration of training. The appropriate duration of endurance training varies for cyclists of different levels. However, research has shown that even for individuals who haven't undergone much training, a two-hour endurance training session is not enough.

Maintaining low intensity during endurance training is important. Prolonged low-intensity training can increase the number of slow-twitch muscle fibers. Generally, cyclists should keep their blood lactate level below 2 millimoles, which means training within the intensity range of 60-75% of maximum heart rate. If you use a power meter, you can more accurately control the training intensity.

In addition, aerobic training is also essential. Aerobic training provides a reliable foundation for other types of training. Without a well-prepared aerobic system, the body's optimal state duration will be shortened, and recovery speed will also be slower. Therefore, in the initial stage of training, it is important to dedicate time to strengthen endurance, strength, and leg speed.

Maintaining an appropriate level of fatigue is also important. When cyclists feel fatigued, the number of fast-twitch muscle fibers increases. Once glycogen is depleted, muscles start utilizing fat as fuel. Therefore, during endurance training, it is advisable to avoid high-intensity work (if your goal is purely endurance training).

Lastly, it is important to train consistently throughout the year. While six high-intensity training sessions are sufficient for improvement, long-distance cycling requires a significant amount of cumulative effort to reap the benefits. This is also why the benefits of long-distance rides are difficult to ascertain through research alone. Thus, integrating long-distance rides throughout all seasons of the year is crucial.

If you are concerned about running out of energy during long rides or find cycling becoming monotonous, converting regular bike to ebike may be a good choice. Electric bicycle conversion kits can breathe new life into your bicycle.

Today, I would like to introduce the KN Bottle Battery series hub drive electric bike kit launched by Lvbu Technology. This product includes a battery, e bike front hub motor, and controller, which can be installed on a regular bicycle in just 3 minutes, installing electric motor on bicycle, transforming it into a pedal-assist electric bike capable of manual pedaling, assisted pedaling, and pure electric riding. Simply replace the wheel, install the bottle battery bracket controller, and add the bottle battery to complete the conversion. The bottom of the controller contains a hidden controller that captures cycling data through built-in sensors and outputs matching assistance through big data algorithms, providing scientific assistance. The KN series bicycle hub motor conversion kit adopts a water bottle-shaped battery design that is aesthetically pleasing and compact, making it convenient for removal, charging, and carrying. It is matched with the bottle cage-style controller, ensuring a harmonious appearance after the entire bike is converted, without appearing cumbersome.

This battery for electric bike conversion kit adopts 18650 automotive-grade lithium batteries, equipped with 20 cells, each with a large capacity of up to 3000mAh. The assist range can reach 60 kilometers, easily meeting the needs of daily short-distance cycling. Even beginners need not worry about falling behind due to physical and technical limitations.

Furthermore, the KN series uses a bicycle hub motor, which comes pre-assembled with a rim, spokes, and inner and outer tires. After receiving the product, users only need to replace the wheel, without the need for self-assembly. The motor offers two power options: 250 watts and 350 watts, providing strong power. With brushless motor technology, it reduces working noise and increases lifespan. Stable power output makes cycling feel like being pushed by a car, effortlessly conquering 15-degree slopes and long-distance ramps. After conversion, the bike accelerates quickly in pedal-assist mode, with a noticeable push feeling from the start. Uphill and cornering become more effortless. The Lvbu Micro Power APP offers five assist modes: commuting, exercise, leisure, climbing, and manual, suitable for various daily riding scenarios such as urban leisure sports, commuting, and outdoor outings, with easy one-click switching.

In summary, the Lvbu KN series hybrid electric bike conversion kit brings technological support to cyclists. No longer needing to exert excessive effort, the powerful switching and complementary functions of human power and electric assistance allow us to enjoy various cycling pleasures more easily. There is no need to worry about technical and physical limitations, so you can fully enjoy a free and joyful way of travel.

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