Are you suitable for commuting by bike ?

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Are you suitable for commuting by bike ?

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Movement is essential for a healthy life. However, for those who are not fitness enthusiasts and don't have time to go to the gym after work, finding time for exercise can be challenging amidst the busy schedule of work and daily life. As a result, many people choose bike commuting as it serves as both transportation and an opportunity for physical activity during their commute. By integrating exercise into their daily routine, they don't need to set aside dedicated time for workouts but can still achieve positive fitness outcomes through consistency.
The benefits of bike commuting are evident; however, it may not be suitable for everyone. So, who is best suited for bike commuting?

Firstly, bike commuting is suitable for individuals with an appropriate commuting distance. Each person has different physical conditions, and it's important to control the intensity of bike commuting to avoid arriving at work exhausted. The average speed for urban cycling is around 20 km/h, and a commute of approximately one hour is ideal. Therefore, a commuting distance between 5 km and 20 km is generally considered suitable. If the distance becomes too long, it can become burdensome.

Of course, if the road conditions are good, you have good physical fitness, don't work overtime excessively, and your work isn't physically demanding, you may consider slightly longer distances. However, if the commute exceeds 30 km, it's not recommended to rely solely on a bicycle. In such cases, alternatives like using a folding bike for part of the journey or driving closer to the city center and then cycling through congested areas could be considered.

Secondly, bike commuting is suitable for individuals who have proper storage conditions for their bicycles. Considering that bikes are relatively lightweight and can be easily stolen, it's preferable to have a secure and stable parking facility at the workplace. This could include bringing the bike into the office or storing it in a supervised area. If there are no other options than locking it up on the street, then one might consider either giving up on bike commuting or opting for a folding bike that can be stored inside the office.

If you are a beginner in bike commuting and find it challenging to pedal uphill and arrive at work drenched in sweat, I would recommend considering upgrading your bicycle. The lvbu ebike conversion kit KN20S is an excellent option for this purpose. This conversion kit includes a 250 watt electric bike motor, a 36V water bottle battery, and a ebike controller. It can be quickly installed on your regular bicycle within 3 minutes, transforming it into an electric-assisted bike.

The modified bicycle features a powerful hub motor with either 250W or 350W output, a single-cell capacity of 3000mAh for the 18650 power lithium battery, and a water bottle holder controller with an embedded STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M3 main chip. It provides smooth electric assistance and can achieve a range of up to 60km on a single charge.

Additionally, the Lvbu ebike kit KN20S offers a variety of wheel sizes including 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, 29-inch, and 700c. When delivered from the factory, it includes the motor and both inner and outer tires. The wheel motor comes pre-assembled with rims and spokes. Users only need to replace the entire wheel motor upon installation by attaching the battery and controller. It is compatible with most popular bike models on the market such as folding bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, tricycles etc., catering to the majority of cyclists' modification needs.

With the support of an electric assist system, the bike becomes capable of adapting to various road conditions. If you have free time during holidays, you can use it for recreational cycling and explore the scenic countryside. It offers a chance to relax and unwind from the fatigue caused by long hours at work.

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