Encounter These Situations While Cycling? Try LVBU Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit!

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Encounter These Situations While Cycling? Try LVBU Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit!

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Professional athletes often schedule one or two days of rest each week because adequate rest allows the body to repair and become stronger and healthier. Therefore, health-conscious cyclists understand the importance of resting to make themselves stronger. If the following situations occur, you can try the LVBU ebike conversion kit!

1. Immediate refueling:
Whether it's a long-distance or short-distance ride, it is important to take appropriate breaks and refuel. It is generally recommended to replenish food every 40-60 minutes during intense exercise lasting more than 2 hours, with each intake being about 120-150 calories. Additionally, it is recommended to drink electrolyte beverages every 15 minutes to replenish lost sweat and consume at least 600ml of water per hour. Especially in hot summer weather, extra attention should be paid to rest and hydration.

2. Illness:
During illness, the body's immune system and resistance are weakened, and the body feels uncomfortable. At this time, you should pause or reduce cycling activities; otherwise, the illness may worsen, leading to prolonged recovery time. If you experience dizziness, chest discomfort, or chest pain during cycling, you should immediately stop and avoid pushing yourself too hard. This is especially important for older riders to prevent exercise-induced sudden death. Research has shown that moderate and regular exercise can repair our immune system and make our bodies healthier.

3. Excessive cycling:
Novice riders may think the more they ride, the better. However, it is normal to feel a pleasant fatigue after cycling. But if the fatigue persists for three days or longer, it indicates excessive cycling. At this time, it is necessary to temporarily stop exercising and allow the body to fully recover.

4. Muscle fatigue:
Causes of muscle pain: 1. Excessive high-intensity exercise causing muscle fiber strain. 2. During and after exercise, lactic acid stimulates the sensory nerves in the muscles. Accumulation of fatigue can lead to acute muscle pain, which is a normal and common occurrence. However, if the muscles become excessively stiff, it may indicate muscle tear, and rest and timely reduction of exercise intensity are necessary. Repeated injuries can also lead to muscle fiber sclerosis, which impairs endurance.

For health-conscious cyclists, adequate rest allows the body to repair and recover, making it stronger and healthier. In specific situations, the LVBU electric bicycle kit becomes their preferred choice, providing them with a better cycling experience.

For those who love challenging themselves and pursuing long-distance rides, physical endurance is an important factor. The LVBU electric bike wheel kit can be their good companion, adding electric power to bike for long-distance rides. When riders feel tired or want to save energy, they can activate the electric assist mode to enjoy an easy and comfortable ride, allowing their bodies to rest fully.

Muscle fatigue is difficult to avoid when cycling all day long. The LVBU electric cycle battery kit can serve as a helpful assistant during muscle fatigue. Through add electric assist to bike, riders can reduce the burden on their leg muscles, allowing fatigued muscles to rest and recover fully. They can complete their cycling journey without excessive pressure.

During cycling in remote or rural areas, the need for immediate refueling can be a headache. The LVBU electric assist bike kit can help riders reach their destinations more quickly, solving the problem of urgent refueling. There is no need to worry about running out of energy or missing the schedule. Riders can rely on the electric assist bicycle add on to easily handle this challenge.

Unfortunately, falling ill is unpredictable. If you feel unwell during a cycling trip, the LVBU electric assist conversion kit will become your safety guarantee. You can use the electric assist mode to ride the bicycle back to a safe area, avoiding worsening your condition and allowing yourself more time for rest and recovery.

The LVBU electric assist bike conversion kit is the preferred companion for health-conscious cyclists. By properly utilizing the electric assist functionality of the kit, riders can rest and protect their bodies better, making themselves stronger and healthier. Choose the LVBU electric bicycle kit and enjoy the pleasure of healthy cycling!

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