As long as it's cycling, you should understand the truth

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As long as it's cycling, you should understand the truth

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Cycling is a simple and efficient way of exercising, with great advantages for both fitness and transportation. However, there are some truths that we need to pay attention to during cycling. As long as it's cycling, we should understand these truths to make our cycling journey smoother and healthier.

1. Dress comfortably and choose appropriate cycling gear. Before cycling, we need to carefully select suitable cycling clothing and shoes to ensure comfort and reduce pressure on joints and muscles. Additionally, wearing a proper helmet and protective gear is also essential.
2. Pay attention to diet and maintain body energy and hydration. During cycling, the body consumes a significant amount of energy, so it's important to pay attention to diet and maintain body energy and hydration. Properly replenishing energy and fluids can help us stay healthy and energetic.
3. Control speed and avoid overloading during cycling. When cycling, we need to control our speed and avoid overloading to prevent unnecessary harm to the body. During long rides, it's advisable to take breaks and replenish energy as needed.
4. Learn to deal with different weather and road conditions. During cycling, we need to learn to deal with different weather and road conditions, such as being mindful of slipperiness and staying warm on rainy and snowy days, and taking sun protection and staying hydrated in mountainous and desert areas.
5. Pay attention to traffic safety and observe traffic rules. During cycling, we need to be mindful of traffic safety, obey traffic rules, maintain a safe distance, and pay attention to surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

In addition to these truths, power full electric cycle kit have great benefits for cycling as well. Complete electric bike conversion kit make cycling easier, reduce physical burden, and improve cycling efficiency. Furthermore, e bike electric kit can save energy, protect the environment, and provide a very eco-friendly and healthy means of transportation. If you already own a bicycle and do not wish to purchase an electric-assist bicycle, you can choose to retrofit your original bicycle with an e bike electric motor kit.

The KF water bottle series electric cycle motor set from LVBU is a good choice for this purpose. The complete set of products includes an electric motor wheel, water bottle battery, water bottle bracket controller, as well as a charger, installation tools, and instructions. By replacing the original bicycle wheel with the LVBU electric motor wheel, installing the water bottle bracket controller, and attaching the water bottle battery, the upgrade can be completed in about 3 minutes. The minimalist design of the accessories and simplified wiring ensure that the retrofitted bicycle looks almost identical to the original. The entire installation process is simple and user-friendly even for beginners.

The pedal assist ebike conversion kit comes with the self-developed LVBU Micro Power System, which allows users to view cycling data such as mileage, speed, and power through a mobile app. It also offers five intelligent assistance modes including exercise, commuting, leisure, climbing, and manual modes, with the ability to adjust the assistance level from 0 to 99 in manual mode. When feeling physically fatigued during cycling, the assistance level can be increased to let LVBU lend a hand. If too tired to pedal, the assistance level can be maxed out at 99 for pure electric riding, giving the legs a break.

Have you understood these truths about cycling? In conclusion, as long as it's cycling, you should understand these truths and prioritize health and safety during cycling. Electric-assist bicycles are an excellent means of cycling that can make our travels more relaxed and healthy.

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