If there are more than 5 symptoms, it's time for you to go cycling!

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If there are more than 5 symptoms, it's time for you to go cycling!

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If there is nothing that a bike ride can't solve, then go for another one. If you're experiencing more than 5 of the following symptoms, it's time to go cycling:

1. Feeling listless and dispirited
There are times when nothing seems to interest you, and you feel lethargic and lacking in vitality.
2. Easily irritable and agitated
Even if you're not generally a hot-tempered person, there are periods when you seem unable to control your emotions, getting angry at little things or from casual remarks made by others.
3. Insomnia at night
Despite being exhausted from work or study during the day, you find yourself unable to sleep at night, tossing and turning, trying everything from music to counting sheep with no success.
4. Always staying indoors
Your home has become your entire world. You order takeout for every meal and the very idea of going out is nonexistent; you just love staying at home.
5. Lack of close friends
You have numerous classmates and colleagues, but you don't have any true, close friends you can confide in.

6. Frequent illness
It seems like you catch a cold today, run a fever tomorrow, and suffer from a sore throat the day after... Your body is constantly plagued by minor illnesses, and even slight changes in weather make you feel unwell because your immune system is extremely weak.
7. Bulky figure
You've noticed that you've been gaining weight, your belly is getting bigger, and you've started to dislike your own body shape.
8. Neglecting personal grooming
You've noticed that you've been letting yourself go; the elegant lady who always wore makeup is now going to work bare-faced, and the guy who used to keep his hair meticulously styled has become lax about washing it. You no longer care about your appearance.
9. Envious of others' lives
You envy the lives of those around you and their cycling experiences. You even find yourself carefully scrutinizing information about other people's cycling trips on social media.
10. You have some vacation time
How do you spend your vacation? Staying at home sleeping, binge-watching TV shows on your phone, indulging in food and drinks, partying every night... Why not try a different approach?

Many cyclists nowadays opt for electric-assist cycling to unlock new cycling pleasures. If you want to give electric-assist cycling a try without purchasing a new bicycle, why not consider adding an electric-assist system to your existing bike? It's a flexible way to experience a new style of cycling. The KF bike converter kit from Lvbu is a good option. It's a bicycle battery motor kit that can convert normal bicycle to electric bicycle in just 3 minutes, comprising a streamlined motor wheel, water-bottle battery, and bottle bracket controller. It can be quickly installed on various bike models. Equipped with a high-power motor, automotive-grade 18650 power lithium-ion battery, CORTEX M3 processor, BMS power management system, speed sensor, 6-axis gyro, and other components, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0 and can be operated through a mobile app, allowing you to view cycling data, report losses, lock the motor, and upgrade firmware.

The Lvbu KF series pedal assist motor kit boasts a range of up to 90 kilometers. It can intelligently assist riders based on parameters such as weight, riding speed, current slope, and assistance level. The bike assist kit features Lvbu's self-developed micro-power system, offering multiple cycling modes, including automatic assistance, throttle assistance, and pedal frequency assistance, catering to commuting, leisure, exercise, and other cycling needs, delivering an enjoyable cycling experience. The wheel has no complex external wiring or switches; all parameter adjustments and controls are achieved through the app or Bluetooth meter, making it truly simple yet sophisticated.

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