The new trend in cycling, Lvbu enjoys intelligent riding

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The new trend in cycling, Lvbu enjoys intelligent riding

product:KN Bottle battery ebike kit 03-28

With the development and popularization of the automotive industry, the traditional bicycle industry has faced great survival pressure. However, the rise of environmental protection and low-carbon trends has once again made bicycles a beloved mode of transportation and fitness tool for people.

"Cycling has become a trend, and the charm of riding is infecting and attracting more and more people to participate, creating a beautiful scenery in contemporary life," said Peng Shangyong, CEO of China Low Carbon Network. The unparalleled advantages of cycling allow people to truly feel the beauty of harmony with nature, health and happiness, as well as a carefree and elegant lifestyle. Its environmental friendliness, convenience, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness are incomparable and irreplaceable by other modes of transportation.

The clear change in the positioning of bicycles and market demand stems from changes in people's lifestyles, which also bring about a change in lifestyle. With the continuous advancement of technology, electric-assist bicycles have emerged. These bicycles can provide additional power through a motor to help riders overcome fatigue when going uphill, reducing the burden on the body. The popularity of electric-assist bicycles makes cycling easier, allowing people to enjoy the fun of riding without requiring high physical fitness.

Lvbu has been focusing on the research and development of electric-assist intelligent products for ten years, helping cyclists ride better and happier. Lvbu is a kit that can transform your bicycle into a smart electric bike in just 3 minutes. It consists of a wheel with integrated battery, motor, and controller, which can be quickly installed on any bicycle and connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth 5.0. The kit is equipped with a high-power motor, automotive-grade 18650 lithium-ion battery, CORTEX M3 processor, BMS power management system, speed sensor, 6-axis gyroscope, and other devices.

The Lvbu KN series is a streamlined kit that includes a motor wheel, water bottle battery, bracket controller, charger, and installation tools. Installation only requires replacing the front wheel, installing the bracket controller, and attaching the water bottle battery, all of which can be done in just 3 minutes, making it very friendly for cyclists with limited technical skills. Once installed, it is almost indistinguishable from a regular bicycle in appearance.

Featuring the Lu Bu Micro Power System, it can connect the wheel to the app via Bluetooth 5.0, allowing riders to set cloud wheel parameters, view riding data, switch assist modes, and adjust the level of assistance through the app. The app's preset intelligent modes for commuting, exercise, leisure, climbing, and manual control provide a more convenient assist solution for a wide range of cyclists, allowing them to switch modes with just one click based on their riding scenarios.

With the promotion and popularization of bicycle culture and sports, electric-assist bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. Choose Lvbu and enjoy smart travel.

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