Empowering Cycling: The Rise of Electric Assist Bike kits

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Empowering Cycling: The Rise of Electric Assist Bike kits

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The cycling culture is leading the healthy and vigorous development of the bicycle industry. With a history of a hundred years, bicycles are evolving from simple means of transportation to important tools integrating transportation, tourism, leisure, entertainment, fitness, and competition. In this process of transformation, bicycle culture, including cycling activities, plays a crucial role.

"The reflection on the traditional industrial economy that has sacrificed too much environment and public interests has made the development of the green economy the new trend in the world," said Ma Zhongchao, Chairman of the China Bicycle Association. At the same time, as material life becomes abundant to a certain extent, people are also beginning to pursue higher-level spiritual and cultural pursuits, especially placing more emphasis on intangible consumption such as the environment, health, and sustainable development.

The bicycle industry fully meets these two major motivations, representing green economy and green consumption. Consequently, it has re-entered people's vision and transformed into a symbol of fashion and healthy living.

Electric assist bicycles, as popular means of transportation in recent years both domestically and internationally, belong to a category of bicycles. They utilize batteries as auxiliary power sources, install motors, and have power-assist systems. They are a new type of transportation that integrates human cycling and motor assistance. In the past few years, with the rise of cycling culture, electric assist bicycles have developed rapidly, transforming from products with conspicuous appearances to sophisticated electronic devices. Although there is still considerable room for improvement in electric assist bicycles, many early pain points, such as limited battery capacity, clumsy handling, and peculiar geometries, have been gradually addressed.

Jiangxi Lvbu Technology has been dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of intelligent cycling equipment since 2014, aiming to improve people's cycling environment and enable them to enjoy intelligent cycling. If you also want to have a more relaxed and intelligent cycling experience, you can try adding the KF water bottle series under the Lvbu. It is an electric assist conversion kit that includes batteries, motors, and controllers and can be added to your existing bicycle, upgrading it from a regular bicycle to an electric assist bicycle in just 3 minutes.

The entire kit includes a motor wheel, water bottle battery, water bottle bracket controller, as well as instructions and installation tool kits. The motor is placed in the hub of the wheel, and the entire wheel is pre-assembled with rim and inner and outer tires, eliminating the need for self-assembly. It uses a high-speed brushless permanent magnet motor, with 250w and 300w configurations, and a choice of front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive installation. Moreover, this type of motor has no magnetic resistance when the power is off, making it easy to ride even without assistance. The water bottle-shaped battery design and the water bottle bracket-style controller have minimal wiring, so the converted bike looks similar to a regular bicycle. Additionally, there are five assist modes to choose from: commuting, exercising, leisure, manual, and climbing, each with its own fixed assist curve to help riders better control their riding pace.

The rise of cycling culture has also driven the vigorous development of the bicycle industry, gradually bringing electric assist bicycles into people's sight. If you also want to experience the charm of electric assist bicycles and enjoy the experience of easy and intelligent cycling, you may consider choosing the Lvbu KF series, allowing you to enjoy intelligent cycling.

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