Lvbu--a domestic brand that has emerged quietly

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Lvbu--a domestic brand that has emerged quietly

source:facebook 05-22

"E-Bike"-is a popular combination words at home and abroad in recent years, derived from "Electric-Bicycle", it means bicycles with electric assistance,commonly known as electric bicycles. As people's concept of low-carbon and environmental protection is becoming more stronger, various scooters are emerging one after another, including electric vehicle, bicycles, electric scooters, mobility scooter and so on. Today, Lvbu as a ebike conversion kit company integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales, converts an ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle in three minutes are deeply welcomed by customers.

Lvbu wheel is suitable for any bicycle type, whether it is a mountain bike or a road bike, it can be installed quickly. We did not adopt the design similar to the BANGFANG mid motor. Lvbu wheel installed the BLDC motor on the front wheel, which looks like an ordinary bicycle front wheel but supports 250W and 350W motors. At the same time, the Lvbu wheel kit also contains the battery, which using 36 V 18650 power lithium-ion battery, the battery life is more than 5 years.
As a quietly emerging brand of domestic electric bicycle kits, Lvbu has excellent quality and good pre-sales and after-sales services. Choose Lvbu for e bike conversion kit to give you a different riding experience.