Best Ebike Conversion Kit In 2021-Lvbu Ebike Kit

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Best Ebike Conversion Kit In 2021-Lvbu Ebike Kit

source:facebook 09-25

Although there are a large number of electric bicycles on the market and their prices are greatly reduced, DIY electric bicycles are still very popular. Today, I will introduce you a kit that is easy to install, light and beautiful. 

What's included in the kit
*A complete wheel (including motor, spokes, rim, inner and outer tires)
*Battery (we have bottle battery models, seat bag battery models, rear shelf battery models)
*Accessories package (including instructions, certificates, thumb throttle and some installation tools)

At the same time we have wireless display and PAS sensor for selection.
The wireless display can be used as a throttle, but it is wireless, and can replace some functions of the mobile phone APP, such as connecting to Bluetooth, adjusting the assist level, and viewing some riding data.

PAS sensor is suitable for some speed-limited EU countries. It is installed on the pedal. If you do not step on it, the motor will stop assisting within three seconds.

Is this kit easy to install?
If all goes well, the installation of the entire kit will only take 3-5 minutes, also with video guidance.
The whole kit has less lines, some series also wireless,so it can be installed very quickly.

If you are interested, you can also contact our customer service for more details.