Anti-theft system---make your travel safer

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Anti-theft system---make your travel safer

source:facebook 10-08

Lvbu wheel can be connected to APP and Bluetooth display to achieve the purpose of controlling speed and performance. When going out, the bike will have the risk of being stolen, especially the modified bicycle. The price of the whole bike is higher and the risk is higher. today we will introduce the anti-theft system in our APP, which brings great convenience for us to travel.
Lvbu wheel has a loss report function in the APP. When your vehicle is accidentally stolen, you can register the loss report. In this way, the background of the Lvbu system will receive information, then lock the vehicle, and lock the position for the owner. Connect to the vehicle through the APP, lock the vehicle immediately and will not be able to use y. The buzzer will continue to alarm and lock the location information of the thief, and immediately report the location information of the thief, and the colleague will notify the thief to return the vehicle.

At the same time, the APP also has speed alarm function to ensure your riding safety. You can also set the assist mode and assist level in the APP according to your own needs to meet your different needs.