Flexible Ebike kit With Lightweight

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Flexible Ebike kit With Lightweight

source:Lvbu Tech 04-08

Bicycles have their special charm and have the largest number of users, but cycling does have many problems such as laborious, time-consuming, and low efficiency. To get a comfortable and labor-saving electric bicycle is the ideal and desire of many people.

Lvbu ebike conversion kit can turn your bicycle into an intelligent electric bicycle in 3 to 10 minutes. It is equipped with an intelligent Lvbu micro-power system, which took seven years of painstaking research and development. Combined with Lvbu's intelligent power output algorithm, it realizes intelligent power assistance, and intelligent induction braking responds within 10ms Brake, automatically increase the power assist when going uphill, and automatically turn off the motor when going downhill.
The modified electric bicycle uses lithium battery as the main energy source, and is a bike driven by electric motor, which can realize the combination of human riding, electric riding and human power. And it has the advantages of stable performance, beautiful appearance, comfortable and fast, environmentally friendly fashion, practical and durable, and has the ability to use APP to control the wheel, realize the air upgrade of the firmware, set the gyroscope angle, firmware repair, firmware upgrade, fault detection, power display, brake break functions such as electricity.

Compared with motorcycles and ordinary bicycles, Lvb ebike wheel kit modified bicycles have many advantages such as safety and comfort, convenience, lightness and flexibility, no noise, no pollution, economical energy saving, etc. It is an ideal tool for commuting, school, part-time work, travel and fitness.