Lvbu ebike conversion kit - Cadence

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Lvbu ebike conversion kit - Cadence

source:Lvbu Tech 05-07

If you want to improve your riding experience, whether it is riding or cycling competition, cadence is very important. Many people may not have the concept of cadence. In fact, it is a very important parameter in cycling practice. Maintaining a stable cadence can not only greatly increase riding efficiency, but also effectively prevent joint injuries. Muscles are like rubber bands. Do fast pull fast release.

Cadence is the number of pedal turns in 1 minute. Conserve the limited energy and lactate capacity in your muscles by increasing your frequency capacity. Cycling with the correct cadence can also effectively prevent knee injuries. Generally speaking, for non-competitive long-distance riding, maintaining a cadence of 85-95 is relatively durable and less prone to fatigue.

Bluetooth cadence device with Small size, easy to install, suitable for all ebike kit. Long standby time, using CR2043 lithium manganese battery, the normal use time can reach 500h, avoiding the trouble of frequent charging and giving you a better riding experience. With wireless bluetooth, it can be controlled by APP, and the cadence and speed are displayed in real time. The cadence sensor uses Bluetooth 5.0 to truly realize the second connection. Open the Lvbu Micropower APP Wepower and connect the cadence sensor to match the wheel to get the assistance.

Cadence sensor makes riding more easier.