What is the difference between Lvbu ebike wheel kit and other brands?

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What is the difference between Lvbu ebike wheel kit and other brands?

source:Lvbu Tech 05-13

Lvbu ebike kits adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, GSM Internet of Things technology, GPS remote positioning technology, intelligent Alibaba Cloud IOT service, gyroscope attitude control and other technologies. All control systems, BMS systems, and motor structures are independently developed by Lvbu Technology, which is highly intelligent, and can be customized to develop exclusive APP for customers.

However, some cheap ebike conversion kits on the market are based on traditional electronic control, and the products that change the structure are completely different from Lvbu ebike wheel kit in terms of product performance and product intelligence.
Lvbu ebike wheel kit a high-speed brushless motor, with planetary gears and clutches, light weight, small size, and no magnetic resistance (there will be no resistance when riding without electricity, and it is as easy as a normal bicycle) .

Other kits on the market use a low-speed full-disc motor, no planetary gears and clutches, etc., which are heavy, bulky, and have reluctance (riding without electricity will increase the power as the speed increases).
Lvbu ebike wheel kit has 20-60 cells 18650 batteries for option.The BMS protection system is arranged wirelessly to ensure battery safety, stability and waterproof . The structure is beautiful and integrated, and the maximum assist range can reach 180km.

Other kit batteries on the market are hung outside the motor, which is easy to loose, easy to be stolen, easy to get into the water, and the structure is bloated and unsightly. Due to the blocking of the front fork, many bike cannot be installed.
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