Is the Lvbu front wheel bike kit unsafe?

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Is the Lvbu front wheel bike kit unsafe?

source:Lvbu Tech 06-02

In the consciousness of many cycling modification enthusiasts, most of the modification kits are rear wheels. They are worried about whether the front wheel is safe and whether there is a risk of the front wheel being thrown out when turning at high speed. What should I do if it is thrown out?


Lvbu’s front wheel motor is controlled at 250w-350w, please rest assured that it will not affect riding safety!
On the contrary, putting the motor in the front has more advantages:
1.The same battery with front wheel traction assist can improve battery life;
2.The weight of the front and rear wheels of the bicycle is balanced, and the directional stability during braking is increased;
3.The front wheel structure is small, and it is also very convenient for the modification of motorcycles. Our ebike wheel kit modification only needs to replace the front wheel and install the battery and controller. The entire installation time will not exceed 15 minutes, and our ebike conversion kit only have 1- 2 cable.
In addition, we have never fallen off or thrown out of the front wheel. Please use it with confidence. If you prefer the rear wheel, we also have the cassette and free wheel available for you to choose.

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