Introduction of Lvbu ebike wheel kit waterproof Performance

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Introduction of Lvbu ebike wheel kit waterproof Performance

source:Lvbu Tech Creation time:2022-07-30

All the Lvbu ebike kits have the waterproof grade of IP65.You can ride it in the rain, but it’s better not park the bike in the rain for a long time. 
The motor of Lvbu adopts imported waterproof bearings from SKF, the controller is sprayed with waterproof glue and filled with glue, and the battery is packed with heat shrinkable tube and then coated with waterproof glue. So the whole product has IP65 waterproof function, which means you don't have to worry about getting water when riding in the rain.
But why do some people still get water in their wheels?
The main reason for this is the water entering the motor. Although we use waterproof bearings to prevent the penetration of water, if it is left standing in the rain for a long time, the moisture in the air will penetrate into the motor through water vapor and condense into small water droplets inside. when the water droplets condense more, it may cause damage to the circuit board and battery.

Therefore, we recommend that the bicycle should not be left standing in the rain for a long time, so that the probability of water entering the motor will be very large. It is recommended to place the bicycle indoors and dry the surface rainwater to prevent the penetration of some water droplets.
In addition, please do not use a high-pressure water faucet to flush the motor, which may also cause water enter the inside.
In fact, if the service life of the bicycle exceeds two years or riding kilometers exceeds 5,000 kilometers, we recommend not to be exposed to rain for a long time , because the waterproof bearing may be aged and the waterproof effect will decrease.

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