How to store your ebike kit?

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How to store your ebike kit?

source:Lvbu Tech 08-12

Low-carbon travel has become more and more popular. Naturally, bicycles have become a Essential requirements for families. However, if the distance is a little farther, the bicycles will be more laborious. The appearance of bicycle modification kits solves everyone's troubles. Today we will Learn how to take care of your bike conversion kit to make it last longer.
First of all, although the waterproof level of our products is IP65, can ride in the rainy days, but please do not stand in the rain, it will cause the motor to enter the water. After riding, please wipe off the rainwater on the surface of the motor to prevent water vapor from penetrating into the motor and causing malfunction. In addition, please do not use a high-pressure water faucet to flush the motor, which may also cause water to enter the inside.

Secondly, if the bicycle is not ridden for a long time, we recommend charging the battery every three months to avoid the battery being in a low voltage state and affecting the performance of the battery.

Finally, it is best not to start charging after the battery is exhausted. We recommend charging when the battery has 20%-30% of the remaining power, which can better protect the battery and make the battery life longer.

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