How to ride more easily and effortlessly?

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How to ride more easily and effortlessly?

source:Lvbu Tech   Creation time:2022-10-11

How to ride more easily and effortlessly?

1.Carry out training within the strength that your body can adapt to.Don't ride too far at a time,step by step,and slowly exercise your riding ability.

2.Adjust the cadence appropriately.The cadence during riding refers to the number of pedal cycles in one minute.Keeping the body stable at high cadence is the basic skill every rider needs to master.Choose the gear ratio that suits you,and keep the cadence between 80-90.

3.Find a reliable teammate who can break the wind for you while riding.

4.Learn the correct riding posture,step on the pedal with the forefoot,increase the up and down swing of the foot,and then drive the Achilles tendon to pull the muscles at the back of the calf,thereby driving the entire muscle group.It will not feel laborious, easy to exert force,and high efficiency. At the same time relax your upper body and keep your arms relaxed.

Take care to choose the size of your vehicle,adjust the seat and handlebar position.

5.You can also choose a smart kit appropriately to provide assistance during riding and make riding more enjoyable.

You can try the Lvbu wheel smart kit series.The intelligent micro-power system,which has been self-developed for 7 years,is equipped with 5 assist modes,which can help riding more scientifically and is friendly to riding beginners.

At the beginning of riding,if you are full of energy,you can turn on the exercise mode to simulate the state of sports and fitness,warm up - sprint - buffer,and fully burn fat.When the scenery along the way is worth slowing down, you can turn on the leisure mode, adjust the power periodically, and ride without forgetting the scenery along the way. In the second half of the journey,when you are tired,you can turn on the manual mode for pure electric riding to help muscles relax and recover.

The blessing of Lvbu wheel assist kit will make you feel more relaxed and happy to enjoy the riding journey.Let's come and try it~