Advantages of electric assisted cycling

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Advantages of electric assisted cycling

source:Lvbu Tech 03-30

As a green and healthy means of exercise, cycling has many benefits. It is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also can exercise our body well, and help improve heart and lung function. Besides, watching the beautiful scenery along the way while cycling can also let the tired body fully relax.

But at the same time, ordinary bicycle riding also has its undeniable disadvantages. Firstly, incorrect riding posture and long riding are easy to cause physical damage. Cycling is recognized as a sport that can exercise the whole body. Cycling requires the use of lower limb pedal-pushing action, which basically applies to most muscles and bone joints of lower limbs. Compared with running and other sports, the whole center of gravity of the body is on the cushion during cycling, which reduces most of the load, but riding for a long time and maintaining the same cycling posture will increase the burden on the waist. In addition, in the process of riding, the upper limbs are pressed for a long time, and the blood circulation is reduced, whichis easy to lead to numbness, acid swelling and weakness of the hands.

Secondly, cycling is time-consuming and laborious, and those who are physically poor often feel powerless. Some cyclists with medium and short commuting distances choose to go to work by bike, but after riding for a period of time, they find that the speed of cycling is slow and they are always in a hurry to go to work. In addition, their physical strength often fails to keep up with them and they feel tired, which even affects their working states throughout the day. Therefore, they gradually give up cycling to work and only have time to ride occasionally during holidays.

The parking of the bicycle is really a headache during daily cycling. even has made several locks, I am still worried about the bicycle being stolen. I wish I could carry it with me.

It will be nice if there is a bike, cycling can save time and effort, also does not affect physical exercise, and is also not afraid to lose. In fact, an electric-assisted bicycle can easily meet these conditions.Riding an electric-assisted bicycle is just like riding a regular bicycle, easy to master and easy to handle.

However, many riders may say, "It's too much trouble to get an electric-assisted bike if you already have one bike, and you have to maintain two bikes at the same time." So if you already have your own bicycle, why not try the Lvbu KT series electric bicycle conversion kit, it can be installed on most bicycles on the market. Only 3 minutes, replace the original wheel for the bike kit motor, install the controller and the battery, you can easily transform an ordinary bicycle into an electric-assisted bicycle. After modification, your bike will have manpower, electricity, power assist three driving modes, daily riding can be free to switch according to your own riding conditions.

Lvbu electric bike wheel kit is simple to install, and the product is cost-effective, the electric cycle conversion kit uses 250w high-speed brushless motor, sufficient power, small size, stable operation, even if no power riding without reluctance. The battery is made of bag design, beautiful appearance, fixed by the buckle, easy to take and easy to charge. Adopting 18650 power lithium battery, through the wireless arrangement of BMS protection system, to ensure the battery safety, stability and waterproof, beautiful and integrated structure. The controller has built-in intelligent micro power system controller, with 5.0 Bluetooth connection, intelligent Ali Cloud IOT service, gyroscope attitude control and many other functions, which can realize automatic power assist function. The charger is a high quality 2A charger, high conversion efficiency, anti-current backflow, automatically cut off the power after charging, high safety.

The Lvbu micro power system supporting the bike conversion kit allows riders to adjust any power level through the APP or Bluetooth display, so that the power according to their own conditions, is more comfortable riding. The system can set gyroscope angle, overspeed alarm, speed limit, loss reporting, firmware repair, firmware upgrade, fault detection and other functions. It is worth mentioning that the loss reporting function, once the theft connects to the bike through the APP, the electric machine will immediately lock and cannot be used, and immediately report the location of the stolen car, notify the theft to return the car, which plays a warning role and reduces the possibility of bicycle loss.

Lvbu ebike conversion kit, only needs 3 minutes to modify, which can easily solve the troubles of ordinary bicycle riding laborious, lack of physical strength, joint damage, and easy to lose. So what are you waiting for? Interested riding friends quickly click the link below to learn more about the product information.