How to improve average cycling speed?

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How to improve average cycling speed?

source:Lvbu Tech 04-21

Average speed is a crucial metric for cyclists to measure their performance. However, many variables can affect average speed, such as comparing speeds of different people or even your own speeds at different times. Riding faster is a goal for most of us, so how can we improve our average cycling speed?

Reduce braking
Reducing brake usage requires good road anticipation skills, so practicing downhill riding can increase confidence. In hilly terrain, faster downhill riding provides more power, like a runway for the next uphill. Learning how to take turns faster also improves average speed and depends on regular practice.

Group riding
Group riding is a reliable method to improve average speed. Riding with others provides motivation to keep up with faster riders. Another benefit of riding in a group is drafting, which saves energy by staying behind other riders. Joining local clubs is a good way to find group rides because most clubs organize rides for different speeds, allowing you to choose a group that matches your pace and experience.

Use gears effectively
Improper gear usage can lower average speed. Anticipating gear changes before changing terrain ensures comfortable pedaling and keeps cycling speed stable. Therefore, learning how to pair gears, reading the road ahead, and preparing can help you ride faster.

Hill climbing training
Climbing hills reduces average speed for most cyclists. Repeated hill climbing training is an effective way to improve climbing ability. Choose a suitable small hill, try to maintain a seated position, and repeat climbs several times. Persistence will lead to improved climbing ability.

Eat less, drink more
As previously mentioned, much of the weight during cycling comes from the cyclist's body, and cycling consumes a lot of energy. How to deal with it? During cycling, energy gels can replace food, and drinking more water is recommended because exercise consumes more water, which is quickly consumed after drinking, so eating less and drinking more is suggested while cycling.

Upgrade tires

The goal here is to achieve the best possible improvement at a low cost or with small equipment changes. For example, changing tires, good road bike tires will ride faster than cheap alternatives. Some brands lower tire costs when designing tires, so switching to faster rubber may be an easy way to upgrade your road bike. Many new bikes come equipped with tubeless tires. Since friction between inner and outer tires is eliminated, tubeless tires have higher efficiency. Tire pressure is also essential, as suitable tire pressure balances speed, comfort, grip, and puncture resistance.

Well-fitted cycling apparel
Cycling apparel also affects cycling performance. Tight-fitting Lycra fabric cycling clothing does not flutter in the wind like loose sportswear, reducing drag. Today's cycling clothing brands increasingly emphasize functional advantages, and professional cycling clothing provides more comfort, better heat and sweat management, and even marginal gains for time trial riders. Accessories such as aerodynamic helmets and shoe covers can also reduce drag without spending too much money.

Regular maintenance of your bike
Cleaning your bike may not be a particularly exciting task, but it can affect your cycling efficiency. A clean chain with the correct lubricant has less friction than a dirty one. Disc brakes rubbing or a misaligned wheel can affect cycling speed, so keeping your bike in good functional condition is key to maintaining cycling speed.

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Learn these methods to improve your cycling speed, enjoy cycling, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy life.