Four Cycling Techniques for Preventing Diseases and Improving Longevity!

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Four Cycling Techniques for Preventing Diseases and Improving Longevity!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-25

Bicycles are one of the most common tools in modern society and an essential means of transportation for many people in their daily lives. Mastering the correct way to ride a bicycle not only prevents illness and promotes longevity, but also has many unexpected benefits. Here are several different scientifically effective ways to ride a bicycle.

Long, slow rides
Long, slow rides with a heart rate generally not exceeding 65% of maximum heart rate for over 20 minutes are suitable for those wanting to lose weight. The slower pace can burn more fat to provide energy.

Fast rides
Fast rides that raise the heart rate to 85% or more of maximum heart rate primarily generate energy through anaerobic glycolysis of glycogen. This can improve anaerobic exercise capacity, especially in thigh muscles, and help delay post-exercise discomfort. This method of riding also has good exercise effects on heart and lung function.

Combination of fast and slow rides
Combining fast and slow rides can not only balance aerobic and anaerobic capacity, heart and lung function, but also increase the fun of exercise. With scientific guidance and a more reasonable combination of fast and slow exercises, better fitness results can be achieved.

Moderate-speed rides
Moderate-speed rides keep the heart rate controlled between 65% and 85% of maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise heart and lung function and aerobic capacity.

It is best to alternate between these different ways of riding, with one as the main focus and the others as supplements, to achieve better fitness results. When starting to exercise, the riding speed should not be too fast, and the time should generally be 20-40 minutes. If you feel tired during this time, slow down for 1-2 minutes to recover. After a period of time, it gradually increases the intensity and duration of exercise.

If you cannot control your riding speed or do not know which riding method suits you best, try the Lvbu ebike conversion kits. The Lvbu Intelligent Micro-Power System is a scientifically designed riding assistance system based on the principles of exercise volume, frequency, and intensity. The system calculates intelligent assistance based on the rider's weight, riding speed, time, mileage, acceleration, angular velocity, and assistance mode, combined with the Lvbu power output algorithm. It can effectively alleviate problems such as excessive exercise volume, knee damage, and muscle soreness, and can also burn fat more fully while enjoying the riding process, making riding healthier and more enjoyable.

The Micro Power System of Lvbu ebike conversion kits offers five riding modes: manual mode, commuting mode, leisure mode, exercise mode, and climbing mode. Manual mode is a customized stepless power-assist mode that allows riders to adjust the power-assist ratio based on their own feelings. Commuting mode is designed for commuting cycling, maintaining a larger power-assist ratio to save energy. Leisure mode uses a sine curve power-assist ratio to alleviate leg soreness during cycling. Exercise mode simulates the three stages of exercise and fitness, achieving a more healthy and effective exercise effect. Climbing mode only provides power assistance on uphill sections, saving power for riders and increasing the cruising range.

Ebike conversion kits are a great way to transform any regular bike into an electric bike. By adding an electric motor to your bike, you can enjoy the benefits of pedal assist cycling with ease. Whether you're looking for the best motor for DIY electric bikes or the best ebike wheels, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to converting your existing bicycle. With a pedal assist conversion kit, you can power up your ride and get more out of your cycling experience.

Lvbu ebike conversion kits can help riders master riding methods to achieve better fitness results. By choosing different modes, you can ride according to your needs and physical condition, not only exercising heart and lung function, but also effectively burning fat and increasing the fun of riding. We hope that more people can enjoy the health and happiness brought by bicycles through scientifically effective riding methods.