Some tips on improving your cycling speed and overall performance on the bike!

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Some tips on improving your cycling speed and overall performance on the bike!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-24

This is a question that every cyclist will have at any time and place. Why is my bike always so slow? Even though the last time you rode your bike, you could easily overtake your teammates, why is it so different today, and even a bit of a struggle? What exactly is slowing down your cycling speed?

1.Low tire pressure. Low tire pressure will slow down your bike's rolling speed, which means you have to work twice as hard to catch up with your teammates. Another possibility is that there is a slight puncture in your tires, which causes the air inside the tire to slowly release, but not enough to cause a flat tire. For more severe cases, you need to repair or replace the tire, but if it is not too serious, simply inflating the tire can solve the problem. To achieve greater rolling speed and better handling, we recommend tire pressure around 100 PSI (for reference only, actual tire pressure should be based on individual conditions).

2.Excessive wind resistance. Have you noticed that as soon as you go out riding, you are always riding against the wind? In fact, many times you always seem to be facing headwinds, which is an inexplicable natural phenomenon. However, the good news is that because of headwinds, your legs become stronger.

3.Chain lubrication. Although this may be easily overlooked, it can actually make a small difference. A dry chain will not move smoothly like a lubricated one. When you use a dry chain, you waste your own power and your movement efficiency is reduced. Of course, if the chain is overly lubricated, it is not good either, as it will attract all sorts of dirt from the road.

4.Brake misalignment. This is a common mechanical problem but often ignored by many people. If you are using a rim brake, it is very likely to happen to you. After stopping the bike, an inadvertent bump may cause the brake pads to stick to the rim, causing the ride that should have been easy to become laborious. If you feel that your ride was easy one moment and then harder after a break, you should check if the brake position has changed.

5.Flat road illusion. This should be an illusion that all riders have experienced. A road appears flat, but your legs feel like they are struggling. At this point, you may want to look down at your cycling computer. Perhaps you are being deceived by this "flat" road, and even a small slope can make you feel different.

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