Always be aware of the hidden dangers of long-distance cycling!

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Always be aware of the hidden dangers of long-distance cycling!

source:Lvbu Tech 04-26

For some novice cyclists, long-distance cycling is a sport full of unknowns, and they always feel unsafe riding a bike in unfamiliar places for a long time. Today, let's talk about the possible safety hazards in long-distance cycling and the corresponding measures.

Danger 1: Downhill mountain roads
Many people live in flat areas and have little experience in mountain cycling. Especially when encountering winding downhill roads, most people tend to ride too fast.
Downhill is indeed exciting, but those bends on mountain roads are like open mouths waiting to swallow people. If you are not careful, accidents can happen.
There are several rules to follow when cycling downhill on a mountain road:
1. The entry speed should not exceed 35;
2. Never cross the middle yellow line (do not cross the middle point if there is no yellow line);
3. When there is no visibility on a bend, slow down and ride close to the edge of the road. If your bike has a bell, remember to ring it;
4. Do not overtake, ride side by side, or follow too closely. Keep a safe distance.

Danger 2: Exercise-induced hypoglycemia
During long-distance cycling, it is often necessary to ride for more than 8 hours a day. Therefore, before setting off each day, make sure you have enough food and water, as it is often difficult to know if there will be any supplies on the road.
The situation often occurs in mountainous or wilderness areas where there are no supplies. After riding for several hours and running out of food, you may feel dizzy, weak, have blackouts, and feel cold all over. This is a symptom of exercise-induced hypoglycemia.
Eating something immediately can alleviate symptoms. However, if there is nothing to eat, it is recommended to stop and rest, and seek help from passing vehicles. If you continue to ride, you may easily lose control and have a cycling accident.

Danger 3: Sudden weather changes
In recent years, climate change has been dramatic, and it is common to experience sunny weather in the morning and strong winds, rain, and temperature drops in the afternoon. When cycling in highlands or mountainous areas, sudden weather changes are even more common. If you encounter this kind of weather while cycling, find a safe place to take shelter in time. Prepare spare clothing, including warm clothes.

In addition to the preparations mentioned earlier, there are other issues that may arise during long-distance cycling. For example, you may get tired halfway through the ride or have trouble pedaling uphill. And what if your bike gets stolen while you're taking a break?

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