Experience Unmatched Performance with LvBu New KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Experience Unmatched Performance with LvBu New KN Series Electric Bike Conversion Kit

source:Lvbu Tech 05-19

In the era of information technology, the pace of urban life is becoming faster. Faced with congested traffic, people who value time are seeking more efficient ways for commuting. Decades ago, bicycles, one of the three essentials for Chinese people, became a weapon for avoiding congestion and once again took the stage.
In recent years, innovation in bicycles has never ceased. The concept of adding e bike kits to bicycles has greatly improved the efficiency of commuting and has gained popularity among more and more people.

Perhaps many people still believe that cycling is solely for exercise, and the addition of electric bicycle conversion kits is seen as cheating, leading to questioning the necessity of battery powered motor kits for bicycles. However, those who hold such views mostly have limited knowledge about e bike wheel kit, which results in misunderstandings. The purpose of electric bicycle wheel kit is to lower the threshold for cycling and enable more ordinary people who struggle with physical exertion to ride easily.

Electric bicycle kit has been applied to bicycles many years ago, starting with a simple battery and a motor. The initial focus was on how to perfectly integrate the motor with the bike. However, it has now evolved towards a more intelligent direction.

The intelligent micro-power system developed by LvBu Tech utilizes an ARM Cortex-M3 main chip and a 6-axis gyroscope motion processing chip built into the controller. LvBu mtb electric conversion kit can capture the cycling data, understand the cyclist's riding intention, then automatically assesses road conditions, and provides real-time assistance to users, making the journey more enjoyable.

LvBu has recently launched the new KN series ebike conversion kit, which continues the popular water bottle-style battery design. Unlike the previously KX series all-in-one design electric bike kitthe KN series battery cycle motor kit is one of the split series. The battery is designed in the shape of a water bottle and uses 18650 automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries. It consists of 20 battery cells with a battery capacity of 36V 6Ah, the assist range is 60km, making it ideal for daily commuting over short to medium distances.

For the KN series electric hub motor kit, it has 5 optional battery colors: red, black, silver, blue, and white. The battery shell is produced by powder spraying process, which is not easy to scratch. There is a battery level display screen on the top to provide accurate feedback on the battery level. If not in use for an extended period, you can turn off the battery to extend the battery storage time. Not only that, KN series front hub ebike kit adopts the Type-C port design, which is very practical. The 350w bike motor conversion kit /250w ebike kit comes with an adapter, allowing the battery to not only power the kit but also serve as a mobile power bank for charging mobile phones. The controller is the battery holder, which, together with the bottle battery, creates a sleek and stylish appearance with only one cable connecting to the bike wheel motor. The installation is very simple, you just need to remove the original front wheel of the bicycle and put on the new brushless hub motor wheel, then install the battery holder, plug in the bottle battery, and connect the cables together. The water bottle battery is equipped with a key lock to prevent theft and also make sure the battery can remain stable during cycling and does not shake, ensuring safety.

After the modification, the bicycle has a hybrid drive system with five assistance modes: commute, leisure, exercise, climbing, and manual mode. Users can adjust the assist mode according to their daily needs. For leisurely rides, the leisure mode can be selected. For climbing or accelerating, the climbing mode is suitable. The commute mode can be chosen for maintaining a higher level of assistance throughout the journey. The exercise mode is designed for training, with assistance varying in a curved pattern to accommodate warm-up, sprinting, and buffering processes. If you want to adjust the level of assistance anytime and anywhere, the manual mode is available, allowing assist levels from 0% to 99% to be adjusted. With electric assistance, even beginners without a cycling background can easily start and climb, reaching places they couldn't before.

This is the unmatched performance of the electric bicycle kit with battery. Are you interested?
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