Lvbu KN20S Ebike Conversion Kit is The Perfect Companion for Long-distance Rides or Daily Commutes!

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Lvbu KN20S Ebike Conversion Kit is The Perfect Companion for Long-distance Rides or Daily Commutes!

source:Lvbu Tech 05-31

Why is it that even when two people have the same weight, one may ride uphill faster and more easily than the other? Don't feel discouraged, it may be because your gear ratio is not adjusted properly, making it difficult for you to ride faster.
Using the appropriate gear ratio can make uphill riding easier and downhill riding more stable, saving you unnecessary energy expenditure. Moreover, adjusting gear ratios and timing is an important factor for smooth riding.

Proper use of different gear ratios can effectively adjust physical exertion and prevent joint injuries, thereby achieving your riding goals. However, for beginners, how to use gear ratios and when to switch between them may be confusing. Don't worry, here are some tips!

Starting from a stop, using too heavy a gear ratio can cause the handlebars to shake from side to side and is not good for the knees and drivetrain. Therefore, it is best to adjust to the ideal gear before stopping, using a lighter gear ratio to make starting easier and smoother. Generally, setting both front and rear gears to the middle gear is the best starting gear. If starting uphill, the gear ratio cannot be too light, otherwise, the front wheel may suddenly lift.

During smooth riding, after starting, riders can use the gears to adjust the speed according to their personal physical strength, endurance, and road conditions. A healthier riding method is to maintain a certain pedal revolution rate by using a heart rate monitor, rather than fluctuating between fast and slow speeds which can easily tire the body.

When encountering uphill or downhill terrain changes, be mentally prepared to adjust the gear ratio accordingly. Especially when entering an uphill section, switch to the appropriate gear beforehand, try not to switch gears when it is difficult to pedal as it causes greater wear on the gear system and is not easy to control the handlebars' direction. When seeing a downhill slope ahead, switch to a heavier gear ratio before entering the slope, as a light gear ratio can cause riders to experience freewheeling and is not suitable, which can easily lead to accidents.

For those who are still adjusting their gear ratios, you may want to consider a LVBU KN20S Intelligent E-bike Kit. With an intelligent assist system that can automatically increase power when going uphill and cut off power when going downhill, it's easy to switch between modes with just an app on your phone. Lvbu KN20S series intelligent micro power system uses scientific algorithms based on your weight, riding speed, acceleration, mileage, and angular velocity to provide intelligent assistance. This system is not only suitable for enthusiasts who enjoy healthy cycling exercise, but also for commuters. It provides not only a health exercise mode but also a commuting mode.

In commuting mode, the system provides a higher level of assistance, so there is no need to worry about physical exhaustion due to long distances during commuting, making the entire cycling process easy and enjoyable. Moreover, the system also provides leisure mode and manual mode. The leisure mode is designed to avoid discomfort for novice riders, as well as for leisure and recreational cycling. The assistance level is between exercise and commuting modes, making it easy to travel long distances. In manual mode, users can adjust the level of assistance according to their own preference to achieve their desired cycling experience.

Ordinary e-bikes on the market are often strenuous to ride due to their low-speed motors without clutch devices. Without battery power, the motor becomes a generator, creating greater resistance when riding faster. However, Lvbu motor uses a high-speed motor with a clutch device, so there is no extra resistance during flat riding without battery power, making it as easy as riding a regular bike. In addition, the system is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which can connect to a mobile app for real-time monitoring of battery life and cycling data. The app also allows users to adjust the level of assistance, set speed alarms, and report lost bikes.

If you are looking to convert your regular bike into an electric bike, there are many options available in the market. One of the most affordable options is a cheap electric bike conversion kit from LVBU Tech. These kits come with everything you need to convert your bike into an electric one, including a motor, controller, battery, and throttle. There are different sizes of wheels available for electric bike conversion kits, ranging from 20 inches to 29 inches. If you have a 29-inch wheel, you can go for a 29-inch electric bike conversion kit. Similarly, if you have a 20-inch wheel, you can opt for a 20-inch electric bike wheel conversion kit.

Front hub ebike kits are also popular as they are easy to install and provide good traction. They are perfect for those who want a fast and efficient way to convert their bike into an electric one. If you want a bike conversion kit with a battery, you can choose from various options available in the market. These kits come with different battery capacities, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Electric bike conversion kits are not just limited to regular bicycles, but they can also be used to convert motorcycles. Electric motorcycle kits are available that come with a powerful motor and battery to provide high speeds and long-range.

In summary, electric bike conversion kits are a great way to convert your bike into an electric one without having to spend a lot of money. With options such as front hub ebike kitsbike conversion kits with batteries, and electric motorcycle kits, there is something for everyone.