Lvbu BZ Ebike Kit: Empowering Your Dreams of Long-Distance Travel

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Lvbu BZ Ebike Kit: Empowering Your Dreams of Long-Distance Travel

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For every beginner cyclist, there is a dream of exploring the world on a bike. Most beginners tend to imagine the scenes of cycling, but are unsure where to begin and what to prepare. Following experienced cyclists is a good choice, but they may not necessarily tell you everything, such as important details, necessary equipment, and why they need them. They may also push you too hard, so it's important for novice cyclists to understand the basics of cycling and make good preparations before setting off.

Bike Choice
There are many types of bikes to choose from for long-distance cycling, including mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, recumbent bikes, customized bikes, and even folding bikes. It's important to choose a bike that you feel comfortable riding in a basic cycling position. If you choose a new or borrowed bike, it's essential to have at least four long-distance rides to adapt, so you don't experience any discomfort during your journey. It's also recommended to choose a good quality bike, avoid purchasing a bike with an unknown origin or poor quality. As for tire selection, slightly wider tires are preferred over racing bike tires, which are less prone to punctures.

Daily Riding Distance Plan
Long-distance cycling is a continuous activity, and it's essential to have a basic understanding of your physical fitness before setting off. Testing your physical fitness and having a certain amount of training beforehand is crucial. For beginners, try half a month of daily weighted cycling and gradually increase the distance. It's also essential to plan the daily riding distance according to your own situation, taking into account the terrain characteristics and your own preferences. Setting up a training plan to improve physical fitness will allow you to ride longer distances and join club rides.
If the route has many hills, poor road conditions, or you're riding a mountain bike or folding bike, adjust the target daily riding distance accordingly. It's important to be flexible and adjust the plan according to the situation. Don't push yourself too hard, as enjoying the scenery along the way is part of the fun of cycling.

Safety Precautions
Cycling is an outdoor activity with inherent risks. Many people fail to recognize this and treat cycling simply as a fun activity. However, it's crucial to maintain control of your speed when cycling, as the risk of accidents increases sharply at speeds over 30km/h. It's important to practice braking on long sections of easy and long slopes before the journey. Never grip the brakes too hard and avoid brakes lockup. Braking correctly will avoid being thrown from the bicycle in case of a sudden stop.

When cycling through scenic areas, always focus on the road ahead. Avoid careless talking or laughing while riding in a group, and learn simple hand gestures for communication while riding in formation. For city cycling, use dedicated bike lanes or sidewalks if available, avoid crowded areas, and dismount when necessary. When cycling on highways, stay away from large trucks and try to avoid cycling at night or in low light conditions. If it's unavoidable, wear reflective clothing and turn on the warning lights on your bike to increase visibility.

Equipment Checklist
Essential Travel Equipment:
Bike, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, moisture-resistant mat, military kettle, thermos, water bottles, waist pack, wrist and knee guards, sports watch, helmet, gloves, cycling clothing, front and rear lights, tire inflator.
Bike Tools:
Hex wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, floor pumps, tire repair kits, spare tubes, brake cables, oil, wire, and a small portable tool kit.
Other Items:
Disposable raincoat, spare tire, tire repair tools, personal first aid kit, warm clothing, pocket knife, personal cutlery, snacks.

Cycling travel is a challenging and fulfilling activity. However, for those who lack physical fitness or training time, cycling travel can be difficult. In this case, electric bike conversion kit can be an excellent choice. These electric bike conversion kit can convert bike to electric bike, making cycling travel easier and more effortless.

Introducing the BZ intelligent ebike conversion kit from Lvbu electric bike wheel - the perfect solution for riders looking to enhance their biking experience without too much effort. This electric bike kit can turn any traditional bike into an eco-friendly and efficient e-bike, providing up to 180km of assistance/extended range.

With its brushless hub motor wheel and rear rack battery, this electric bike front wheel conversion kit transforms a regular bike into a hybrid system driven by human effort, electric power, and assisted power when needed. The BZ electric bike front wheel conversion kit offers exceptional support to riders with average stamina/physical fitness, ensuring that they can easily keep up with longer trips without feeling fatigued.

In addition to its assistive features, this diy electric bike kit also comes with intelligent taillights that illuminate when braking and turning, allowing for safer night-time riding. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth odometer enables users to adjust the assist ratio while cycling, controlling the level of assistance provided by the electric motor. With higher numbers, the biking experience becomes easier and less strenuous.

Moreover, the BZ waterproof electric bike conversion kit is completely water-resistant, boasting an IP65 rating, making it safe for use on rainy days. Though it is still recommended to avoid long-distance cycling on extremely wet days.

Long-distance cycling can be challenging, but with the right equipment, it can be an unforgettable experience. Make sure to research the routes beforehand and create a workout plan to ensure you are fully prepared. Take each day's journey slowly, do not push yourself too hard, and stay in touch with friends and family. And, why not consider bringing along a Lvbu electric bike conversion kit to customize your bike for long trips? With the BZ electric bike kit with battery, every ride will be a happy and effortless journey.

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