Ride for Heart Health with Lvbu Ebike Conversion Kits

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Ride for Heart Health with Lvbu Ebike Conversion Kits

source:Lvbu Tech 06-05

The research team at Leipzig University in Germany has found through small-scale experiments that even patients with a history of severe heart failure can produce new stem cells in their bones and increase the number of capillaries in their muscles after cycling for just 30 minutes a day for four months. These factors contribute to the heart's self-repair process.

During exercise, the heart must pump 10 times more blood to the muscles than when at rest, which will automatically release stem cells to mitigate the pressure on the heart and repair any damaged components. Continued exercise can even generate new blood vessels in severely necrotic or obstructed heart muscles. The researchers pointed out that there is currently no medication available that can stimulate the generation of new stem cells, making exercise the only way for heart disease patients to regain their health.

For older adults, diseases always come suddenly, and exercise is difficult. If you find traditional cycling is too strenuous, you can try electric bike conversion kit. In just three minutes, you can convert your bike to electric-assisted bicycle, offering three modes of operation: human power, electric power, and hybrid power. Additionally, five riding modes are available: manual, leisure, commuter, exercise, and hill climbing. Different assistance levels can be provided based on your needs. Electric ebike conversion kits consist of a motor, battery, and controller, which work together to provide electric assistance to the rider when needed, allowing for longer and easier rides. This makes cycling more accessible to people who might otherwise struggle to keep up with the physical demands of regular cycling.

The Lvbu KX series diy electric bike kit features a hub that integrates the battery, motor, and controller all in one for convenient charging at home. With 20 and 30 cell options, it offers an assist range of 60-90KM. Installing it is incredibly simple as you only need to replace the front wheel, which takes just three minutes.

Designed and researched in-house, the product's unique petal surface design has attracted many customers. It’s also a waterproof ebike conversion kit.The insides of the petals are filled with waterproof glue, making it waterproof with an IP65 rating that ensures worry-free riding during rainy days. Made without any external wiring and with an aluminum alloy end cover, it is highly praised by both domestic and foreign users.

With the KX series bicycle electric motor kit, you can use the APP to adjust the assist mode and assist level, as well as view and adjust riding data. It offers five different modes for users to choose from, allowing them to select the perfect one for their needs. Additionally, users can use wireless Bluetooth as a substitute for some commonly used functions on the mobile APP, such as finding and pairing the wheel, calibrating the gyroscope, adjusting the assist level, and viewing data.

The KX series electric bike wheel kit also includes a built-in buzzer, located next to the controller. It alerts you when you are overspeeding or if someone is tampering with your bicycle while it is locked, providing excellent theft prevention and added peace of mind. Clearly, this feature is highly useful!

The study’s findings offer hope for those looking to improve their heart health, and adding an e-bike conversion kit to their regular bicycle could be a great first step. By making exercise more accessible, individuals can take control of their health and begin to reap the benefits of regular physical activity.