Riding During Recovery Period: Enjoying Cycling with Lvbu Smart Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Riding During Recovery Period: Enjoying Cycling with Lvbu Smart Electric Bike Conversion Kit

source:Lvbu Tech 06-08

We all experience external injuries, illnesses, and unexpected damage at some point in time. Although medical technology is highly advanced today, it still takes some time to recover, even just a few weeks, during which you may feel that the period is long and difficult to endure. So, when you are restricted from riding a bike or engaging in other vigorous activities due to physical factors and have to take a break, how can you maintain a good state of both body and mind? Here I'll share some suggestions and experiences.

Firstly, psychologically, you need to recognize that this period of rest, whether due to illness, injury, or post-competition recovery, is beneficial for your body and mind. In dealing with this recovery period, you should consider it as a transitional period rather than a setback. Reasonable adjustments during this time can help you return to a strong state in the next stage!

Any obstacle in life will benefit us, as research has shown that physical or mental struggles actually benefit us because we cannot grow without experiencing some trauma psychologically and physically. Just like every time you ride a bike, you cause varying degrees of damage to your body, but it is the body's reaction to fight against these damages that makes your body stronger.

The recovery period takes time, just like resetting a machine that has broken down. Develop a rehabilitation plan, which may include physical therapy, acupuncture, and other medical treatments. It is advisable to have the doctor and coach jointly draw up a rehabilitation training schedule so that you feel everything is under control. This approach can help you be in the same state of mind and body during the healing process, making it easier to recover.

However, feeling marginalized and anxious during a period where you cannot participate in sports for a while is normal - isn't it difficult to recover as soon as possible? Will this period set me back a lot? Athletes being forced to slow down will experience some psychological depression. Many people keep asking themselves during the physical recovery period, "What's wrong with my body? When will it get better? Will it affect me in the future?" But you should know that if you put too much pressure on yourself psychologically, you will spend more time healing.

Still, most people will look at their bikes gloomily and want to show off their skills. It is not recommended to engage in vigorous exercise during the recovery period. Instead, consider installing a Lvbu intelligent electric bike conversion kit, which provides powerful assistance for your travel by adding a motor device. It is also intelligent and customizable, allowing you to choose different riding modes according to your needs to meet different road conditions and travel distances. Moreover, it can be equipped with Bluetooth Display, PAS, and other accessories to help you ride. By connecting to the APP through Bluetooth, the Lvbu intelligent micro power system is a scientifically designed intelligent auxiliary system based on the principles of compliance with the three major principles of exercise amount, frequency, and intensity. The system intelligently assists based on parameters such as the rider's weight, riding speed, time, mileage, acceleration, angular velocity, and assist mode, combined with Lvbu power output algorithm. It can effectively relieve problems such as excessive exercise, knee injuries, muscle soreness, etc., and burn fat more comprehensively while enjoying riding, making riding healthier and more enjoyable, and allowing you to more easily control your cycling experience.

The Lvbu electric bike conversion kit with battery is not only suitable for health-conscious cycling enthusiasts but also for commuter cyclists. The system not only has an exercise mode for healthy cycling but also has a commuting mode for commuting cycling. In the commuting mode, the system provides a higher assist ratio, so there is no need to worry about running out of energy due to distance during the commute, making the entire cycling process easy and enjoyable. Moreover, the system also has leisure mode and manual mode. The leisure mode not only avoids the discomfort caused by the rider's initial contact with cycling but is also a good choice for leisure cycling. Because the entire assist ratio is between exercise and commuting, it can easily travel long distances during leisure. Under manual mode, the user can adjust the assist ratio according to the feeling of cycling, achieving a cycling experience that riders desire.

The Lvbu ebike conversion kits adopt high-quality high-speed brushless DC gear motor, which is small in size, light in weight, stable in operation, and has a long service life. The planetary gear and clutch combination has no magnetic resistance and makes riding without electricity as easy as riding a bicycle.

Lvbu KN series front wheel electric bike conversion kit with battery provides multiple specifications of wheelsets such as 12/14/16/20/24/26/27.5/29/700C to meet the vehicle modification needs of most cyclists. The Lvbu smart electric bike conversion kit is versatile and can be used as a mountain bike electric conversion kit or a road bike electric conversion kit, providing an intelligent and customizable riding experience for different types of cyclists.

The Lvbu simple electric bike conversion kit also has anti-theft and tracking functions. In case of theft, the vehicle can be registered as lost and locked. Once the thief connects to the wheel through the APP, it will be immediately locked and unable to be used. The buzzer will sound continuously and report the thief's location immediately, notifying the thief to return the bike, making it easier for the owner to retrieve the bike. After modification, the electric bike motor kit can provide scientific and intelligent assistance, making cycling easier and more comfortable.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the fun and interest of cycling during the recovery period while avoiding excessive physical pressure, installing a best electric bike conversion kit may be a good choice. This not only allows you to enjoy the fun of cycling but also makes it easier for you to get through the recovery period and prepare for future recovery.