Discover the 4+2 Lifestyle: Combining the Convenience of a Car with the Health Benefits of Cycling

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Discover the 4+2 Lifestyle: Combining the Convenience of a Car with the Health Benefits of Cycling

source:Lvbu Tech 07-06

Are you tired of the repetitive aerobic exercises in the gym, with no access to the morning sunlight or the outdoor ambiance? If so, cycling is a great alternative. You may think that bicycles can't take you too far, especially if you're not used to regular exercise and can't ride for long distances. In that case, why not try 4+2? It's a trendy trend in big cities where you can keep a foldable bike in your car trunk or use a bike rack on top of your car. By combining a four-wheel car with a two-wheel bike, you can enjoy a refined and comfortable active lifestyle while venturing to places you couldn't reach before.

Fitness during commuting: If you often struggle with parking far from your workplace, 4+2 is perfect for you. Leave home 10 minutes early, park your car, and ride your bike to the office. This way, you can incorporate exercise into your daily commute, especially when you're too busy to visit the gym regularly. Commuting by bike allows you to avoid traffic congestion, breathe fresh air, and adds flexibility to your daily routine.

Cycling trips during holidays: After a busy week, going on a weekend trip with your family by car is always enjoyable. You can enhance the experience by bringing along your bikes. Whether it's cycling under the shade of trees or by a serene lakeside, setting up a tent, laying out a picnic mat, and going for a bike ride will surely provide a great sense of relaxation for both body and mind. If you have longer holidays like the National Day or Labor Day, you can even cycle in more distant locations. With the popularity of self-driving tours, don't forget to bring a bicycle along. Once you reach your destination, switch to your bike and explore the unfamiliar scenery. It will be a whole new experience.

For those who worry about their physical fitness, you can consider installing an electric bike upgrade kit. The new upgraded KN series from Lvbu Tech are electric assist kits for bicycles. It is an integrated kit with minimal parts, including a 350w 36v hub motor, a bottle-shaped 18650 lithium battery, and a bottle cage-style controller. Moreover, its simple installation allows even beginners to enjoy the fun of diy ebike. By replacing the motor electric bicycle wheel, installing the bottle holder controller, and connecting the battery, you can achieve seamless integration within just three minutes.

This bottle-shaped battery series of pedal assist ebike kit retains the versatile design of the previous version but has made some adjustments and upgrades. Firstly, it offers two additional colors, white and silver, in addition to the original black, red, and blue. This enables better compatibility with your bicycle's original appearance. Secondly, the LED digital screen replaces the ten LED indicators on the bottom of the previous version, providing a more intuitive display of the remaining battery power in percentage. You can easily glance at the battery level while riding without having to tap the bottle body. Additionally, the key lock has been moved to the side of the battery, making it more convenient to switch on and off. The power switch has also been relocated to the side of the bottle, allowing you to turn off the power when not in use and extend the battery's storage time. Overall, the pedal assist ebike conversion kit retains the multifunctional design of the bottle series while better incorporating users' habits.

With just a few simple steps, you can effortlessly tackle the issue of insufficient stamina while cycling by using the pedal assist electric bike conversion kit. Bring Lvbu electric assist conversion kit along and embrace the 4+2 lifestyle, unlocking a new and healthy way of living. So, what are you waiting for?