Are you ready for autumn cycling?

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Are you ready for autumn cycling?

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Autumn has arrived, but will the cool weather be far behind? If summer was too hot for cycling, bid farewell to high temperatures and humidity because the refreshing autumn is tailor-made for riders. However, cycling in autumn also requires some considerations. By planning ahead, you can fully enjoy the pleasures of riding during this season.

1. Be prepared
As we enter autumn, it is common to feel fatigue and drowsiness. Outdoor activities, like cycling, can help improve overall fitness. However, before starting your ride, ensure you have enough sleep and consume proper nutrition to maintain a good mental state during the ride. Additionally, remember to stretch your muscles and warm up your joints before setting off to prevent strains or sprains.

When it comes to clothing, consider three principles: wind proofing, breath ability, and warmth. Autumn often brings more rain showers; therefore, be prepared with rain gear and carry extra clothes to avoid getting wet from sweat and catching a chill. Also, plan your route in advance so that you have a clear direction in mind. Once everything is set up including wearing a helmet securely, you are ready for an enjoyable cycling adventure!

2. Stay hydrated.
The autumn weather can be dry, which may lead to symptoms such as dry throat, lack of saliva, and cracked lips. For cyclists, it is advisable to carry a thermos filled with hot water during rides and drink from it every 20 minutes. After cycling, it is recommended to consume foods that moisturize the lungs and replenish fluids, such as pears, honey, and tremella fungus (silver ear).

3. Mastering the Correct Cycling Posture
The correct cycling posture involves leaning slightly forward, keeping both arms extended, tightening the abdominal muscles, using diaphragmatic breathing, aligning the legs parallel to the crossbeam of the bicycle frame, maintaining coordination in the knees and hip joints, and paying attention to your cycling rhythm. Additionally, take breaks during your ride and avoid maintaining the same position for prolonged periods of time.

In simple terms, it's about learning to control the rhythm of your cycling. If you're unsure how to maintain your cycling rhythm, why not try Lvbu factory's KN electric bike conversion kit? By simply replacing the bike's original wheel with a bicycle assist motor, installing a bottle cage controller, and attaching a battery pack to it, you can upgrade your regular bicycle into an ebike that electric bike kit is his assistant. This allows you to enjoy three different riding modes: manual pedaling, electric-assist mode, and full-electric mode. With the pleasant autumn weather, turn bike into ebike for a leisurely ride in the countryside and effortlessly control your cycling rhythm.

If you want to exercise without assistance, simply turn off the power or switch to workout mode for an exhilarating sprint that will make you sweat with a sense of accomplishment. If relaxation is what you seek, increase the power assist level—especially when climbing hills or tackling rough terrain—to experience the satisfying sensation of strong support from the electric motor for bicycle. And if you find yourself completely exhausted but don't feel like pedaling all the way back home manually, just set the assist level to 99 and effortlessly switch to full-electric mode without needing any pedaling effort; cruise comfortably back home.

Cycling is not just a sport of speed and passion; there is interested in using electric bike kit to assist when feeling tired. Giving your body some relaxation time and finding a balance between work and rest is essential to protect yourself. Only then can you enjoy the journey, appreciate the beauty of nature, and experience it in a healthy and comfortable way.

Are you ready for autumn cycling?

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