Answering Your Questions About LVBU Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

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Answering Your Questions About LVBU Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

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LVBU electric bike conversion kit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Bookmark for Future Reference.

Based on previous discussions, it has been observed that there are many questions regarding LVBU electric bike conversion kit's assist range, front and rear drive concerns, as well as the speed after conversion. Today, we will address each of these inquiries one by one.

Firstly, let's address the issue of assisted range. LVBU electric bike conversion kit is a long range ebike conversion kit, ranging from 30km to 180km. These include the KX Integrated Wheel Series, KN Upgraded Bottle Series, KF Bottle Battery Series, KD Bag Battery Series, and BZ Rear Rack Series. The specific assisted ranges for each series are shown in the image below. (Note: The mentioned assisted ranges were tested under conditions of 25℃ temperature, 60kg weight, no wind on flat terrain with 50% assistance). Additionally, as a general rule of thumb, pure electric range is typically one-third of the assisted range. Different ranges can be selected based on individual needs and preferences.

Secondly, let's discuss the issue of front-wheel drive vs rear-wheel drive and speed. Apart from the KX Integrated Wheel Series which only supports front-wheel drive conversion,the other modular wheel series products from LVBU electric bike conversion kit support both front-wheel and rear-wheel conversions. Regarding safety concerns related to ebike conversion front wheel drive configuration - rest assured that LVBU's front wheel hub motor kits are controlled within a power range of 250W-350W to ensure safe riding experiences! Front-wheel drive helps balance the weight distribution between both wheels and enhances stability during braking; moreover, it requires fewer structural modifications compared to rear-drive configurations. However, LVBU electric bike conversion kit products also support ebike rear wheel-drive conversions which offer advantages such as better climbing performance; but due to more complex rear wheel structures, rear hub drive electric bike kit installations might be more involved and time-consuming – riders can choose according to their own preferences.

Lastly comes the question about speed after installing LVBU electric bike conversion kits - how fast can you ride? There is often a misconception that adding an electric-assist system will automatically increase your top speed significantly; however, it’s important to note that electric-assist primarily aims at making your ride more effortless and comfortable. The high speed electric bike conversion kit will still depend on the rider's leg power. LVBU electric bike conversion kits have a peak speed of 40km/h, with a default factory limit of ≤25km/h. However, through the use of an app, riders can increase the speed limit for testing purposes or to experience a faster sensation. It should be noted that according to traffic regulations, the maximum allowed speed for electric bicycles is not permitted to exceed 25km/h; therefore, it is important to comply with local laws and restrictions when adjusting the speed limits.

Do you have any further questions about LVBU electric bike conversion kit? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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