Why do people have biases towards electric assist?

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Why do people have biases towards electric assist?

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Kit conversion e bike are bicycles that combine electric power with regular biking capabilities, making it easier for riders to climb hills and accelerate. However, despite kit bike electric becoming a common feature in modern life, there are still some misconceptions and biases towards them.

Firstly, some people believe that relying on electric cycle conversion kit with battery means losing independence and self-management abilities for their body and mind, although it can alleviate fatigue and exhaustion caused by prolonged work or exercise. The electric system cannot provide a truly "natural" and "healthy" experience, nor can it fully satisfy people's exercise demands, potentially undermining the original feeling of cycling and dampening rider interest. Secondly, electric wheel kit for bike are often seen as a luxury item since they can be expensive, which deter many people from purchasing them.

In fact, the emergence of electric pedal assist kit is in line with social development. As an essential tool for urban transportation, they can improve the comfort and convenience of riding, especially for those who want to exercise but cannot handle the challenges of regular biking.

LVBU KX series front hub e bike conversion kit of minimal-installation electric assist bikes, for example, only requires replacing the wheel to upgrade a regular bike. The entire 36v 250w hub motor kit only consists of one motorized wheel, with the motor, controller, and battery hidden inside the hub without any external wiring, and no need to change the original brake. Once installed, users can have an e bike kit conversion system and start riding after adjusting the parameters and assist level through the accompanying app.

Don't let bias cloud your judgement. Experience it firsthand to discover how great electric cycle motor kit can be!

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