Don't Give Up Cycling Even in the Hottest Summer Days!

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Don't Give Up Cycling Even in the Hottest Summer Days!

source:Lvbu Tech 05-23

Summer is getting hotter and hotter every year, and going out for a bike ride can be sweaty and uncomfortable. However, cycling enthusiasts cannot give up their passion for cycling. If cyclists neglect sunscreen, they will inevitably experience redness, stinging, and even peeling when they return home. Sunscreen is essential, but how to deal with sunburn is also important for skin health. After all, cycling is about being healthy, so we can't be careless. Today, I will tell you how to prevent sunburn while cycling and how to deal with it.

Apply sunscreen frequently
Applying sunscreen is a basic action when going out in the summer. It is recommended to replenish sunscreen every 2 hours, especially when sweating a lot. In addition, the ears, back of the neck, and where clothing meets the skin are the areas that cyclists often forget to apply sunscreen.

Use sun protection accessories
If you don't want to wear "leg sleeves or arm sleeves," it is recommended to wear sleeves and leg sleeves with sun protection, or wear lightweight long-sleeved cycling clothes and pants to reduce tanning and UV damage. In addition, there may be gaps where clothing meets the skin, such as the cheeks, which can be covered with a small hat, a headscarf for the neck, and long socks for the ankles to avoid leaving special "marks."

Wear cycling glasses
Cycling glasses are one of the protective accessories that can block wind, sand, stones, and insects, and can also block UV rays or achieve a light-reducing effect. Especially in the summer, UV rays are always off the charts and can cause eyelid aging, spots, cataracts, corneal damage, and macular degeneration. If you ride in strong light for a long time, your pupils must stay contracted for a long time, which may cause the ciliary muscle to be tense and easily cause eye soreness and fatigue.

In addition to intense sunlight, sweat can also harm the eyes. When riding during the day, sweating profusely, and sweat containing salt, if it enters the eyes, it will stimulate the eyes and cause redness and inflammation. You can wear gloves and wipe off sweat in time to avoid irritating the eyes. A sweatband is also a good choice if you have a demand. It is also best to carry eye drops with you to relieve dry and uncomfortable eyes.

Women should carry moisturizing spray
In addition to essential sunscreens, it is also necessary to carry a moisturizing spray with you. After sweating, wipe off the sweat on the surface of the skin, spray the moisturizing spray, not only can replenish moisture in time, but also soothe the redness and burning of the skin after sun exposure.

Avoid the sun's strongest time around noon
If you still prefer natural light when riding, you can choose to go out in the morning. As the time after sunrise increases, the sky will become brighter and brighter. The earliest sunrise time in summer is around 5 am, and by the end of October, the sunrise time is around 6 am. Since it will feel very hot around 8 o'clock in the morning, which is the so-called "closing time," there are about 2-3 hours that can be used. On workdays, you can arrange a one-hour cycling activity, and on weekends, you can arrange at least a three-hour cycling activity. If you want to enjoy the summer night breeze, you can also choose a night ride, but you need to consider that night riding is relatively unsafe, so lighting equipment such as headlights and taillights are indispensable, and the cycling route must also be carefully selected. It is not suitable for dark or heavily trafficked roads. If you are in a place with few people, it is recommended to travel in groups.

Sunscreen foods
In terms of staple food, whole wheat products have a good sunscreen effect. The vitamin B contained in them can effectively improve the skin's resistance and recovery ability to sunlight, reduce pigmentation, and whole wheat is a coarse fiber food that can clear accumulated toxins in the body and reduce the formation of black spots.

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