How to cycle scientifically and what should ordinary people pay attention to in cycling?

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How to cycle scientifically and what should ordinary people pay attention to in cycling?

source:Lvbu Tech 05-25

Scientific research shows that cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises, which can comprehensively exercise the internal organs of the human body, especially improve cardiovascular endurance. Long-term adherence to cycling can make the heart muscle well-developed and strong, enhance the elasticity of blood vessel wall, increase lung capacity, and improve respiratory system function. At the same time, compared with other sports such as jogging, cycling has less impact on the lower limbs, which can effectively exercise the lower limb muscles and joints, as well as mobilize the trunk and upper limb muscles. Compared with other means of transportation, people are in the best emotional state when cycling. They have the strongest pressure resistance, more vitality and confidence, which can promote mental health and make people happier.

Scientific sports begin with the selection of bicycles. For novice enthusiasts, flat handlebar road bikes are lightweight and fast, suitable for daily exercise, and many cycling greenways in cities are also suitable for riding. Moreover, the vehicle structure is relatively simple, easy to maintain, and has storage space; mountain bikes are not easy to puncture, the bike is relatively heavy, stable, and can also reduce the shock. This makes it more effective in handling complex road conditions such as mountain roads. In terms of equipment selection, it is best to wear cycling clothes made of quick-drying fabrics that absorb moisture and sweat. Cycling clothes also have small pockets for storing mobile phones and other personal belongings. Professional cycling shorts are made with thicker padding in the seat area, reducing pressure on the lower body. Ordinary cycling enthusiasts generally do not need shoes with locks, but it is recommended to wear sports shoes with harder soles, which can relieve foot fatigue.

For ordinary people, the correct posture for cycling is slightly forward-leaning body, straight arms, tightened abdomen, using abdominal breathing method, coordinated knee and hip joints, and paying attention to the rhythm of cycling. During cycling, to avoid physical injury, it is necessary to pay attention to cycling methods. Novice enthusiasts should ride for 1 to 2 hours, and ride 15 to 20 kilometers to achieve exercise effects. Pay attention to rest and change positions during cycling to avoid keeping the same posture for a long time. It is also important to avoid retaliatory cycling exercise and instead adhere to regular exercise with a combination of multiple sports to avoid short-term intensive cycling. It is also recommended to avoid long-term cycling on bumpy and uneven roads. Warm-up and relaxation activities should also be conducted before and after long-term cycling. It is best to wear a sports bracelet or heart rate belt during cycling to monitor the changes in heart rate in real-time and adjust the intensity of cycling.

Some people often experience soreness in their thigh muscles after cycling. This is a normal physical reaction after cycling. During cycling, the leg muscles and buttocks muscles have more force of exertion. Long-term cycling can cause congestion in the muscles, causing soreness and swelling. It is advisable to gradually slow down after cycling and push the bike for a while, allowing the body to adapt. After returning home, taking a hot bath can help with muscle relaxation. If you have chronic pain or discomfort in the limbs, neck, waist, and back, it is important to go to a professional rehabilitation institution for diagnosis and evaluation.

In addition to ordinary bicycles, many people now choose to use electric-assisted bicycles for cycling exercises. For those who are trying cycling for the first time or want a more relaxed and enjoyable cycling experience, ebike is a good choice. You can choose an ebike conversion kit to convert a normal bike to an electric bike, saving costs, and meeting different cycling needs. It is important to note that when riding an ebike, you should choose a suitable power-assisted mode according to your personal physical fitness level and exercise goals, to avoid excessive dependence on electric power assistance that may affect the exercise effect. In addition, when buying an cheap ebike conversion kit or converting a bike to an ebike, you should choose products with guaranteed quality to ensure cycling safety.

Lvbu Tech is dedicated to developing intelligent electric bike conversion kit, and the KX, KD, KF, KN, and BZ series are among the top sellers. The KX series electric bike kit features an integrated wheel design, with the motor, battery, and controller all hidden within the hub of the electric bike front wheel. This allows for easy and convenient upgrading, as you only need to replace the front wheel to turn your bike into an electric bike, without needing any additional cables or accessories.

The KX boasts a 250W high-speed brushless permanent magnet bicycle motor that is compact, lightweight, efficient, stable, and long-lasting. With a planetary gear and clutch system, it remains easy to ride even when the battery is dead. The high-quality 18650 lithium battery offers consistency, high energy density, and faster charge and discharge performance. It is tried and tested, with 80% capacity remaining after 1000 cycles, making its lifetime more than 5 years.

Moreover, the KX series uses a Taiwan high-performance and high-safety BMS battery protection system, which includes over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and battery balancing. These features ensure safe and reliable performance, and protect both the battery and the rider.
Lvbu Assist System is an intelligent system designed to provide appropriate power to electric bicycles based on the road's slope, speed, and acceleration. It comes with an app or display that allows users to set different assist modes, including manual mode, commute mode, leisure mode, exercise mode, and climbing mode.

With the manual mode, users can set their preferred assist grade between 0 and 99, with 0 indicating no assist and 99 indicating the strongest assist. The optional wireless display can also be used to set the assist grade. Once the assist grade is set, the system automatically provides assistance.
Under the commute mode, the system provides relatively strong assist power all the time, while the leisure mode has a power output similar to a damping ratio. The exercise mode has a small assist output, but the power increases after 10 minutes of cycling, and the climbing mode only provides assistance when the road's slope angle exceeds a certain degree set in the app.
The system uses a wireless thumb throttle that allows the bike to be fully driven by electric power temporarily, but once released, the assist system kicks in again automatically. The motor only starts working when the speed exceeds 5 km/h, and the power increases when the acceleration is positive and decreases when it is negative.You can choose the appropriate assist mode based on your current requirements.

No matter if you are a DIY enthusiast or a rider with slow speed and short distances, Lvbu electric bike conversion kit is the best choice for you. It is not only easy to use but also can upgrade your bike to electric one, providing you with a convenient and relaxed riding experience. Additionally, Lvbu electric bike conversion kit adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and stability. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective electric bike conversion kit, Lvbu is definitely worth considering.