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  • Lvbu Ebike kit-the first choice for commuting

    For some office workers who "walk is too far then take a car is too close", a power-assisted electric bicycle can solve the congestion problem at the peak of work without requiring too much physical effort, which is very convenient. For some short-distance office workers, it is a new type of transpo...
  • Bluetooth Display- A Multifunctional Display

    Lvbu wheel can not only be connected with a mobile phone APP, but also equipped with a Bluetooth Display. Which installed on the handle bar to record speed, mileage and other riding data.The shape of wireless display is an LCD screen with three buttons. The three buttons have different functions. Pr...
  • Regarding the Lvbu logo, we have something to say

    As one of the countries with the longest history in the world, China has a history of five thousand years. There was a period which called the Three Kingdoms period. And Lvbu was a great hero in the Three Kingdoms period. Both he and his mount which called“Red rabbit horse”were the influential figur...
  • Lvbu Ebike kit--low carbon travel enjoy free riding

    As a cyclist, there is nothing better than the simple pleasure of a bicycle. There is no traffic jam for commuting to work, no traffic jam for short trips, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way. The only shortcoming is that it takes physical effort. The appearance of Lvbu wheel has take the fu...
  • Lvbu wheel-Spring is also a romance from afar

    Spring is coming, just want to go on a purposeless trip, basking in the sun and stay in a quiet and slow place with flowers and seas and doing nothing. Busy work, trivial daily life, and fast-paced life make the original life dull. It is a enjoyable things to take a cycling trip to view the scenery...
  • The highlight of the exhibition-Lvbu Ebike kit

    Jiangxi Lvbu Co., Ltd. has 7-8 years of experience in the field of bicycle kits since 2014. In the past few years, Lvbu has quickly attracted the attention of different Purchaser from all over the world with its new scientific and technological achievements. , Not only have online platforms, but als...
  • Lvbu ebike kit March live show

    With busy work and trivial daily life, live broadcasting has already subtly entered people's life, and the products in the live broadcast room are different, from food and clothing to housing and transportation. Lvbu also follow the trend and has launched live broadcasts on the Alibaba and Made in C...
  • All in one design -Lvbu BX series Ebike kit

    Lvbu BX series integrates the battery, motor, and controller all in one hub, The battery is built inside, which is suitable for users who are convenient to charge at home. There are 10cells, 20 cells, and 30cells for your option. The assist range is 30-90KM. At the same time,the installation is al...
  • Seat bag battery design-Lvbu BT series Ebike kit

    BT battery is seat-shaped, which is compact and concealed. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the installation steps such as replacing the front wheel, installing the controller, connecting the seat bag, then the normal bicycle can be transformed into a smart electric bicycle. There are 30 and 40 ...
  • Bottle battery design-Lvbu BY series Ebike kits

    BY series ebike kit with beautiful design and is simple to install. It only takes five minutes to convert an ordinary bicycle into to an electric bicycle, keeping the original design of the bicycle. The assist range can reach 60 km, and the maximum speed can reach 32-35 km/h.With D series ...